Best White Brick Wall Ideas on Internet [Best Decor]

White Brick Wall – Whitewashed blocks, repainted bricks, faux bricks, white set up blocks, white block wallpaper, the chances for reveling in white brick wall fabulousness are limitless!

Today we celebrate all of them by showing you the many numerous looks that a fashionable white brick wall can promote.

From the Boho to the Scandinavian, the style alternatives are vast, as are the impacts. Besides, a location with a white brick wall can be brilliant as well as ventilated, or it can improve the contrast between light and dark.

Let’s take a more detailed look!

White brick wall in a modern living and dining area

White Brick Wall Possibilities

While many people choose painting their brick walls white, there are those that favor to obtain white bricks and have them established.

Sometimes the blocks have in fact been dealt with for a whitening effect, as well as different other times they’re light by nature. Below we see frozen white blocks from The Belden Brick Company.

Frosted white blocks

In addition to, some individuals go with genuine bricks while others select brick-patterned wallpaper to remain clear of brick wall installment expenses. There are many methods to get the appearance! [picture by Aviad Bar Ness, engineer: Lior Gutkin]

White brick wall in a modern-day stairwell

After that there’s the whitewashed brick wall alternative. This can be attained by watering down white paint with water (some recommend a fifty percent paint/half water combination, however the portions will definitely depend upon your choices).

The mix is then put on the block. A selection of whitewashing tutorials can be situated online.

Light and ventilated whitewashed brick wall

Most of the brick walls featured in today’s post are painted, yet the design styles highlighted below will collaborate with any kind of white brick wall. What look are you after? Look into the spaces that adhere to:

Industrial Style

Brighten up an industrial loft or home by painting some (or all) of the brick walls white! The appearance is similarly as modern, yet not as heavy. [image listed below by Travis Dubreuil, from I-Beam Architecture and Design]

Paintined block in a New York room

When wood, metal as well as brick incorporate in a commercial space, the steel as well as wood will definitely stand out all the more when the wall surface areas are paintinged white.

As well as there’s something undoubtedly renewing about the outcome! [image by Nico Arellano, from 2NYAD]

White brick wall in a SoHo loft space

Rustic Flair

From Shoddy Stylish to rustic-modern, a white brick wall an also stimulate a lovely feel that mixes perfectly with charming as well as natural locations alike. [picture from Lonny]

Repainted brick wall in a rustic room

A white brick wall is an ideal background for accents such as pastel design as well as fresh natural herbs. Not unexpected that this appearance is a popular alternative for rustic kitchens!

In the image listed below, we see London delicatessens Hally’s, established by Alexander Waterworth Interiors. [included at Remodelista]

Rustic eclectic kitchen with a white brick wall

Next we see the showroom of Julia Buckingham Edelmann, which integrates rustic and contemporary elements. The brick wall makes a fetching background in white. [photo using Lonny]

Showroom of Julia Buckhingham Edelmann

Boho Chic

We can not forget the methods white block perfectly matches Boho modern-day design. And also no one has really utilized white brick walls to the optimum fairly like Urban Outfitters.

In the image noted below, we see a white brick wall that displays the brand name’s Contrast Cord Floor Light:

Floor lamp from Urban Outfitters

In an extra image from Urban Outfitters, we get a look at the Magical Thinking Macrame Wall Hanging, along with a range of houseplants. White brick + fresh plant = crisp design excellence!

Macrame wall surface hanging versus a white brick wall

Scandinavian Accents

White block could deal with a contemporary feel, particularly when ideas of Scandinavian design are sprinkled into the mix. If you have a small space in your house with a brick wall, repainting it white might help produce an open vibe. [picture from Lonny]

Tiny intense and airy bathroom with a white brick wall

The Scandinavian-style cooking location listed below originates from Malcolm Menzies of 82mm (he snapped the image), along with it was developed by Jamie Blake of Blakes London.

Believe just what ?! The blocks typically aren’t real! The look is established with a plaster effect in a tile format. Discover more at Faux Brickwork. [consisted of at Remodelista]

Brilliant contemporary kitchen with a herringbone floor

Tips of Scandinavian design fill the kitchen location listed below, which showcases a brick wall that offers the area a light, brilliant sensation.

Pops of color are glowing versus the white of the block. [photo by Craig Wall, from Kate Connors Interiors]

White brick wall in a modern kitchen area

Light and also Airy

We currently elimination from style designs to the total impact that a white brick wall could obtain, and we begin with all things light as well as airy. To improve the dazzling feeling of a room, try doubling up on white accents.

A white dining collection as well as white pendant light are additional fantastic prior to a white brick wall [design by Lucy Penfield, image by Ken Gutmaker Architectural Photography]

White dining set against a white brick wall

If various other walls in the room characteristic products such as wood, one white brick wall can produce the outstanding light, intense statement. As well as, artwork pops versus a white brick wall, as exposed noted below. [image from Hammer Architects]

Vibrant artwork versus a white brick wall

Finally, we shine the limelight on interiors that utilize white brick walls as tools for establishing comparison. When white is the background, abundant tones such as greys and browns produce genuine depth. [picture by Erica George Dines, from Melanie Turner Interiors]

Light and dark contrast in a living area with a white brick wall

Rich cabinetry sticks out versus white wall surfaces, as well as the white brick of the cooking area listed below might not be a much better boost.

And also, blocks add look, which can heat up ultra-modern spaces. [photo by Emily Andrews, from David Howell Design]


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