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Best Things to Do in Las Cruces New Mexico – Las Cruces, New Mexico, is a relaxed Southwestern city with a flourishing economy, rich architecture, dynamic art scene, and amazing annual celebrations. The location provides fantastic outdoor activities with terrific hiking and riding routes, old mining ghost towns, ancient Indian rock art, desert plants and animals, fantastic local crafts, diverse dining establishments and markets, and limitless blue sky. Here are the best things to do in Las Cruces, NM.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: Visit Old Mesilla

If you take a trip to the south of Las Cruces you will come to the village of Mesilla, historically substantial for being the location where the notorious Billy the Kid was prosecuted.

These days Old Mesilla has delightful shops that sell handicrafts from the region and if you wish to attempt some genuine Mexican food then you have come to the best place.

Old Mesilla is likewise stated to be haunted by miners and historic figures that lived and passed away in the area in the days of old so if you are feeling brave you can join a strolling trip of the downtown plaza location which people think has plenty of ghosts.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: Visit Museum of Nature & Science

The Museum of Nature and Science in Las Cruces has a mission to encourage stewardship of the nature of the Chihuahuan Desert and southern New Mexico and to inspire life-long learning and interest about the sciences. The museum has 3 permanent exhibitions: Permian Trackways, Desert Life, and Light & Space. The Permian Trackways showcases 2 fascinating fossil trackways from the Permian Duration, a cast of a dimetrodon, touchable trace fossils, and interactive media programs on the included trackways.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: Enjoy the Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts Market

Every Wednesday and Saturday from dawn to early afternoon, Las Cruces hosts a farmers and crafts market ( on Main Street in downtown. Buyers can pick up handcrafted precious jewelry, leather, ceramics, bath and body items, painted tiles and wood crafts together with fresh produce from local farmers.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: Fort Seldon State Monument

Dating from 1865, Fort Seldon was constructed by the United States Army as a fortification to secure the local population who settled in the Mesilla Valley area.

Nowadays much of the fort is gone but the adobe style brick strongholds still exist for visitors to check out and there is likewise a fascinating and insightful visitor center that has a long-term exhibit that explains all about life on the frontier.

If you happen to be here at the weekend then there are typically live demonstrations that will make you feel as if you have actually stepped back in time.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: Dripping Springs Natural Area

The Dripping Springs Natural Area is located only ten miles from Las Cruces on the slopes of the Organ Mountains. With more than four miles of hiking routes, it is a nature-lover’s paradise. One of the most popular trails is the easy Dripping Springs Trail surrounded by desert scrub and forests thick with pinon, juniper, and oak.

The area is filled with wildlife, and with some luck you might spot a red-tailed hawk, rock squirrel, Gambel’s quail, or the unusual golden eagle. You can likewise see year-round coyote, desert mule deer, black-throated sparrow, cactus wren, lesser nighthawk, Scott’s oriole, and collared and tree lizard. If you are really lucky, you can see a mountain lion. The Dripping Springs Natural Area has a good visitor center, 12 picnic sites, and a big household picnic website.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: Las Cruces Museum of Art

The Las Cruces Museum of Art has a mission statement to promote art work in the Las Cruces location and the New Mexico area. The museum has a series of irreversible exhibitions along with temporary exhibitions that associate with the area and turn throughout the year.

There are likewise lectures that accompany much of the exhibits that include different art mediums like sculpture, photography, and painting. Demonstrations and art classes are likewise held at the museum and the focus here is on modern art and supporting regional up and coming artists in the area.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: White Sands Missile Range Museum

White Sands Rocket Range is a United States Army rocket range covering about 3,200 square miles in southern New Mexico. It is the largest military setup in the United States. The White Sands Proving Ground was established in 1945 to check American and German long-range rockets.

The White Sands Missile Range Museum explores the origin of America’s rocket and area programs, the beginning of the atomic age, and the achievements of researchers like Dr. Wernher von Braun at White Sands. Display screens likewise show the prehistoric cultures and Old West exhibits found in southern New Mexico. A missile park outside the museum displays about 50 rockets and rockets that were checked at White Sands such as the WAC Corporal, Loon, Pershing II, and Patriot.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: Visit Railroad Museum

Head down to the Santa Fe Depot, a traditionally considerable part of Las Cruces and you will discover the Railroad Museum which is the ideal place for those who enjoy trains.

The Railroad museum has a series of long-term exhibits that tell the story of the evolution of the railways around Las Cruces and there is duration memorabilia on screen.

There are likewise model railways on show including model tracks and maps of the railroad lines. The crowning splendor of the site is a genuine caboose which is regretfully not in operation however still provides a terrific taste of train travel in Las Cruces.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum

The New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum is a 47-acre interactive indoor and outdoor museum in Las Cruces, New Mexico that celebrates a 3,000-year history of farming and ranching in New Mexico. The Bruce King Structure has 6 galleries and corridors that show the museum’s irreversible and momentary exhibitions, which display fine art, tools, and structures such as a pithouse.

The main building features the Eagle Ranch Museum store and a theater. The museum also includes the Historic Green Bridge, the Skaggs Dairy Barn, Beef Barn, Blacksmith Store, the Sheep and Goat Barn, the Greenhouse, orchards, gardens, a pond, and a number of live barn animals.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: Take a Tour at Green Chili Trail

If you enjoy chili then why not go on a tour of the Walk of Flame, a self directed walk of a group of dining establishments and bars that serve chili associated meals. Green chilies are the pride of Las Cruces and the regional university even has a research center dedicated to studying these little green capsicums, so it is only typical that guests need to also take a look at some of the chili based meals on their own.

On the Green Chili Trail you can check out regional restaurants where you can try standard Mexican meals that are made using green chilies, or you can also attempt dishes that are made particularly in the Las Cruces location as part of the tour. These include oddities such as green chili vodka and green chili martinis, or you can even sample some green chili beer.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: The Zuhl Museum

A part of the New Mexico State University, The Zuhl Museum is both an art gallery and a nature museum. It is the home of the Zuhl Collection with more than 1,800 rare specimens of fossils, scared wood, and minerals. The collection was gifted to the university by Herb and Joan Zuhl. A lot of specimens are on display screen in the Zuhl Museum, the Zuhl Library, and Gardiner Hall, in the Department of Geological Sciences. Most of the collection is composed of pieces of petrified wood, from a few centimeters long twigs to logs over a meter in size.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: Picacho Avenue Antiques Mall

Concern Picacho Avenue in the downtown location of Las Cruces if you love antiquing and wish to spend the day looking for concealed gems.

This area of Las Cruces is filled with antique stores that feature duration products from the region and are well-known for being high quality and fairly priced, so if you desire a genuine keepsake from your time here then this is the place to look for it.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: Soledad Canyon Day Use Area

Found on the rolling foothills of the spectacular Organ Mountains, the Soledad Canyon Day Use Area stretches between 2 canyons– Soledad Canyon and Bar Canyon. The area provides a simple, charming walking on the outskirts of Las Cruces and is popular for the three-mile Bar Canyon Trail loop with stunning views of the Mesilla Valley and the main parts of the Organ Mountains.

The tracks in Soledad Canyon are also suitable for horseback riding and mountain cycling. After you travel through a narrowing canyon, you will come up to a stunning waterfall. Sometimes, you can find deer and other wildlife.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park

Found simply beyond Las Cruces, the Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park is dedicated to the conservation of the forestlands that line the Rio Grande.

Covering a remarkable 305 acres, the park is perfect for those who take pleasure in hiking or mountain cycling, both popular pursuits in the location, or you can attempt fishing in the waters of the Rio Grande. Due to the wetlands on the park the area is likewise loaded with birdlife therefore those who like bird seeing will discover plenty to do here.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: Lake Valley Historic Townsite

In 1876, Lake Valley was a dynamic mining town with practically 4000 people searching for riches from the earth. One vein called the “Bridal Chamber” yielded practically 2.5 million troy ounces of silver on its own. By 1883, the silver was gone, angry Apache were causing difficulty and the honeymoon was over.

Gradually however undoubtedly, the people left, when the last one wondered off in 1994, Lake Valley officially ended up being a ghost town. The Bureau of Land Management has restored the schoolhouse and chapel to use a glimpse of life in the early 20th century. Individuals are totally free to stroll around on a self-guided trip and think of a life full of hope. Hiking is always fun, and you may spot some wildlife.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: Enjoy the Fountain Theater

The Fountain Theater is understood for being the earliest motion picture theatre in New Mexico and is a great example of period architecture, having been built in 1905 in the signature adobe style.

Not just is the theater a conventional monument of the New Mexico location, however it is still quite in working order and screens films frequently for clients to enjoy consisting of timeless motion pictures that film enthusiasts will like. This is especially advised if you like Westerns.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: Corralitos Trail Rides

The Corralitos Ranch is the 1000-square mile working ranch located west of Las Cruces, and it mostly tops endless expanses of desert. The relaxing terrain offers fantastic horseback trips with a lovely vista of canyons and hills, incredible sundowns, and intriguing historic landmarks such as the old ruins of cattle ranch houses, forts and settlements, Indian rock art, abandoned homesteads, and old mines.

Riding with the ranch will take you above the Rio Grande 25 miles north of the rugged Sierra de las Uvas. Experienced and safe trail horses and mules are used to dealing with riders at all skill levels. Many rides take about 2 hours.

Best Things to Do in Las Cruces: Branigan Cultural Center

The Branigan Cultural Center has a little bit of everything if you are seeking to find out more about the Las Cruces area, especially when it concerns the arts.

As part of the Branigan Cultural Center you will discover the Museum of Art and Couture in addition to the Las Cruces Historic Museum, and there are also collections in the center that consist of residents artwork such as sculptures, pictures, textiles from the area, and historic souvenirs.

Should you take place to be in the area then this eccentric collection is definitely worth an appearance.

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