Mount Bromo Indonesia Without a Tour (Beautiful Sunrise and Interesting Facts)

MOUNT BROMO INDONESIA SUNRISE WITHOUT A TRIP – Mount Bromo is among the most well-known volcanoes in Indonesia, situated in Eastern Java. Offered its appeal as a tourist destination, you would believe it quite simple to access solo however regretfully that isn’t really the case. As with much of the nation, public transportation is not as easy to navigate as some of its neighbours.

On first look, it might seem easier to jump on a trip from Bali or one of the big Java cities such as Yogyakarta or Surabaya. In reality, doing Mount Bromo without a tour is reasonably easy with a little planning and the ideal stop before or after going to Borobodur and Prambanan temples.

borobudur temple photography
Candi Borobudur (
prambanan temple photography
Candi Prambanan (

Most people traveling Java decide to check out Mount Bromo as part of an organized trip which either starts in Yogyakarta or any of the neighboring towns like Surabaya, Probolinggo or Malang. Those tours typically consist of everything from transport (a van shared with a handful of other tourists) to lodging in the town of Cemoro Lawang (ideal next to Mount Bromo).

The van will stop numerous times at eateries and will end at the Mount Bromo sunrise-viewpoint. Some of the tours continue to Kawah Ijen afterwards as well as all the way to Bali.

For individuals with a minimal quantity of time this can be a practical method to visit those two sites without any bigger efforts. Just make certain you go with a reputable tour operator considering that it seems to be a typical as well as bothersome practice to stop somewhere outdoors Cemoro Lawang.

There are also reports about mystical breakdowns en route which cut into traveling time. Hence the minibus journey can quickly take up to 13 unpleasant hours when the promised air-conditioned luxury van turns out to be a 30-year-old car.

Nevertheless, it is easily possible to visit Mount Bromo, (along with Kawah Ijen) separately and without an arranged tour. This comes with a couple of advantages:

  • Save loan
  • Much better worth for cash (food, lodging).
  • Spend more time in the location rather of simply rushing through.
  • Simpler to avoid rip-offs (entrance ticket).

So, How to Get to Mount Bromo Without an Organized Trip and On a Spending Plan?

Yogyakarta to Probolinggo

Lempuyangan Station Yogyakarta
Lempuyangan Station (

Our starting off point was Yogyakarta. From here, you can either take a train or a bus to the city of Probolingo. We selected the train since it is the less expensive, quicker and more comfy alternative. Each day 2 trains leave Yogyakarta’s Lempuyangan Station going all the method to Probolingo.

  • Sri Tanjung 194: departure 07.15 am/ arrival Probolinggo 16.30 pm./ price: 96.000 IDR.
  • Logawa 188: departure 08.55 am/ arrival Probolinggo 17.30 pm./ cost: 76.000 IDR.

Both trains are Economy trains and I have actually got truthfully no concept why the slower one is more pricey. You can buy your tickets either directly at the train station or book them online ahead of time. The earlier you schedule the better the rate.

Credit cards are accepted and you’ll get a booking code by means of e-mail. There are ticket makers at the station, just enter your code and print the ticket.

Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang (Mount Bromo)

Bayuangga terminal
Bayuangga Bus Terminal (

Once you get to Probolinggo’s train station you have to make it to the Bayuangga Bus Terminal which lies about 5 km from town. Opposite the train station’s primary entrance, yellow minibuses are awaiting guests.

Simply neglect the touts telling you that those buses will not go to the bus terminal or that it will take ages or whatever. It was a 10 minute ride and after some bargaining we paid 5.000 IDR rather of the initially required 25.000 IDR.

Probolinggo’s bus terminal doesn’t take pleasure in the very best reputation concerning sincerity and customer oriented service. The minibuses going to Cemoro Lawang¬†depart from outside the station. So the issue is that they just go when they’re full, which apparently only happens till around 03.00 pm.

Later on you’ll require some major bargaining skills to make it to Cemoro Lawang the very same day. We were a group of five and after a lot of negotiating we paid a total of 350.000 IDR for the 90 minute flight. The “normal-during-the-day-price” appears to be around 35.000 IDR per individual.

Clearly it always depends upon the variety of guests. The bus starts as quickly as its full (which can take a while) and the more people sign up with, the less expensive it is. However, if you get stuck in Probolinggo for whatever factor, you can discover some budget lodging near to the bus terminal.

Cemoro Lawang (Mount Bromo)

morning in cemoro lawang probolinggo
Morning in Cemoro Lawang Probolinggo (IG @choepar98)
night in cemoro lawang probolinggo (ig @luciddrem)
Night in Cemoro Lawang (IG @luciddrem)

Soon prior to you come to the highland town of Cemoro Lawang, the bus will pull over at a ramshackle hut which turns out to be the ticket office. There’s a 10.000 IDR entrance charge charged to enter the town.

Since we had no idea if we gon na make it all the method to Cemoro Lawang in one day, we didn’t schedule any lodging. There’s quite a lot of guesthouses and home-stays to choose from however.

Our first option (Coffee shop Lava Hostel) was fully scheduled and the five people ended up in a location owned by the bus chauffeur’s grandpa. Or perhaps it was simply a random old man. Who understands. Nevertheless, it was ok for one night and it came at the very decent rate of 50.000 IDR per person and night.

Mount Bromo Sunrise

Mount Bromo Beautiful sunrise
Mount Bromo Sunrise (

If you want to make it to the famous ‘viewpoint’ for the sunrise that the crowds descend on then you have to rise early. When I got up at 4 am, cursing at my alarm clock, I knew it was too late to make it to the top.

Unexpectedly, rocking up late the night before to do Mount Bromo without a tour seemed a bad idea.

However as the sun sneaked out, illuminating the mist and clouds that were now below me, I realised maybe this was going to exercise much better than prepared.

Sunrise at Mount Bromo
Sunrise at Mount Bromo (

So at 2:30 am when I ought to have been up and hiking to the top of Mount Penanjakan with everyone else I was blissfully snoozing away. By 4 am I realised that the two-hour trek to the top to see sunrise was not going to occur.


This is the very same perspective all the jeeps go to on the tours, likewise absolutely workable by foot or asking a regional with a bike to zip you up. I wound up wandering as far as I could before the sun started appearing and made it to the very first viewpoint of the handful that increased the Mountain.

There were three Indonesians and 2 tourists to make up the crowd, a bit different from exactly what I have actually heard the view at the top is like. Needless to say, I was pretty pleased with the pictures and dawn I got and handled to prevent the fight for finest picture spot that many online reports summarise the greatest summit like.

Top Tips

Horse in Mount Bromo Sea Sand
mount bromo horse riding (
  • Do not ride the horses: Another way of making clear the sea of sand is on a horse, however, I am really versus animal tourism, particularly when it involves breathing in that shit day in all day. These men look miserable and it’s a practice that needs to drop in Bromo.
  • Do visit Ijen also: If you are likewise thinking about checking out the well-known Sulphur Mine and Blue Fire of Ijen then my good friend Liesbeth has a fantastic guide on doing Kawah Ijen with or without a tour– The majority of people select one or the other, but both are distinct and well worthy of your time.

Mount Bromo Interesting Facts

Mount Bromo Interesting facts
mount bromo facts (

Mount Bromo, among the biggest attractions where countless visitors keep returning every year simply to taking pleasure in the natural charm of the mountains.

This is among the five volcanoes situated in Tengger Mountains on its sand sea.

Mount Bromo Volcano the Sea of Sand
mount bromo sea of sand (

The fact that you can get to the edge of crater, made this mountain very well-known all over the world.

This is likewise a really active of Indonesia volcanoes, so take care if you’re planning to visit this location.

I don’t wish to scare you however that’s the fact that in 2004 two travelers were killed and 5 injured when the mountain spit out molten rocks. Just keep your distance if the volcano active is.

Mount Bromo volcano eruption
Mount Bromo volcano eruption (

However above of this truth, Bromo is extremely unique and if you are a nature enthusiast, you will not be missing this terrific opportunity to see one the most splendid sunrise all over the world.

This image is taken at 4 am in the morning. You can see here why this mountain is a well-known one. The daybreak is genuinely breathtaking.

Imagine this photo in your own experience. What kind of feeling do you have …?

Mount Bromo at Night
mount bromo at night (

It’s like that you belong of it. It’s so magical with peaceful atmosphere and tranquil at really early in the morning with just a few individuals around you.

This mountain is very special since it is a volcano inside a volcano. The base of Bromo increases from ancient caldera of Mount Tengger.

This volcano is likewise a routine ceremony location for Tenggerese Hinduism with old standard, which still exist until now.

Every year in December or January at full moon held this Tenggerese individuals their traditional and religious event, called Upacara Kasodo or Yadnya Kasada ceremony at the edge of the crater on the top of Mount Bromo.

Mount Bromo Tenggerese Ceremony
Mount Bromo Tenggerese Upacara Kasodo (

The objective of this event is to conjure up the true blessing of the deities to guarantee the abundant harvest, to be spared from catastrophe, and to be treated of different illness. Tossing fruit and other farming items into Mount Bromo crater is part of the event.

The main path to this mountain is through Cemoro Lawang at the northeast edge, but there are also routes readily available from Tosari (northwest) and Rigadas (west).

The village of Rigadisari, on the roadway from Probolinggo about 5.5 km prior to Cemoro Lawang, marks the entrance.

There are a lot of lodgings around the mountain. At Cemoro Lawang you can find easy facilities. However if you are looking for some good hotels, you need to go to Probolinggo or Sukapura.

Mount Bromo Volcano Type

If you keep questioning ‘is mount bromo a shield volcano?’ or ‘is mount bromo a composite volcano?’ This is a simple clue, read more on wikipedia. he he.

Typical eruption style: Explosive. Frequent small, phreatic eruptions at Bromo cinder cone on the bottom of the caldera.

Bromo volcano eruptions: 1804, 1815, 1820, 1822, 1825, 1829, 1830, 1835, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1856, 1857, 1858, 1858, 1859, 1860, 1865, 1865, 1866, 1867-68, 1877, 1885, 1885-86, 1886, 1886-87, 1888(?), 1890, 1893, 1896, 1906-07, 1907, 1907-08, 1909, 1910, 1915-16, 1921, 1922, 1928, 1930, 1935, 1939, 1940, 1948, 1950, 1955, 1956, 1972, 1980, 1983(?), 1983, 1984, 1995 (March-May), 1995 (Sep-Dec), 2000 (Nov) -20001 (Jan), 2004 (June), Dec 2010 – 2011, Dec 2015 – Feb 2016.



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