17+ Modern Interior Design Ideas for Family Homes

MODERN INTERIOR DESIGN – Family homes must combine style and comfort in their designs. There are many modern interior design ideas to apply in a family home, whether it is an apartment, small urban home, or suburban house. Here are some great ideas to create modern but cozy interior design.

1. Bright colors for walls.

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Forget neutral colors such as white, beige, or grey. Bright colors like yellow, orange, or lime green are popular for modern homes. They are perfect for a family home, and you can create a specific theme for the entire design, for example yellow walls are great backgrounds for a summer theme, while lime green can be forest theme.

2. Multipurpose furniture items.

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Another popular feature in a modern home is multipurpose furniture. It is an excellent solution for urban homes, which are often narrow and lack of space. You can have a sofa that doubles as storage space, a wooden chest that serves as a coffee table, or bed with additional storage space underneath.

3. Unusual, asymmetrical furniture.

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Unusual, asymmetrical, and odd furniture items can be significant décor elements for modern homes. Even if you do not like too many ornaments, these furniture items will add characters into various rooms. These unique things can help reducing the needs for unnecessary embellishments and prevent your little ones from knocking them over.

4. Blended, multipurpose room.

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Another way to create cozy family house is by “blending” different rooms, for example a living room can be combined with kitchen and dining room, using open-space plan. It creates a multipurpose space for relaxing, eating, and entertaining. Blending rooms is a great solution to create a comfortable interior in urban homes.

5. Comfortable simplicity.

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Simplicity and clean design are characteristics of modern minimalist style and it never goes old. While white walls may be familiar, combining all-white elements in a room can give a striking look. Add some splashes of bright colors, such as red or blue, to break the emptiness and create contrasts.

6. Creative photo arrangements.


Most of you may keep the family photos in devices, but regular images can be turned into unique design elements, for example you can place all the photos on one side of the living room walls to create a focal point. You can also hang several smaller pictures on strings that are drawn in a big frame.

7. Open floor plan.

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Open floor plan is perfect to create a spacious interior for a growing family. Instead of building partition walls, you can create a house that is entirely open and connected, from the living room to the kitchen. Open floor plan can be applied to many design styles, from traditional to modern and eclectic.

8. Designer lighting fixtures.

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Many people just choose simple light bulbs as lighting fixtures. However, designer lighting fixtures can quickly change the mood in a room. Whether you use a desk lamp with patterned cap, a unique standing lamp, or decorative pendant lightings, these exceptional lighting fixtures will immediately draw attention. Using different shades can also create nuanced mood, such as soft shades for bedrooms.

9. Monochromatic patterns.

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A black-and-white combo is very common in contemporary designs. Incorporating rich patterns will create a great look in your monochromatic interior. Striped chairs, minimalistic curtains, modern artworks, white cabinets, black coffee table, and other design elements will make your house eye-catching.

10. Recycled wood furniture.

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Green living is now a big part of the modern interior design. Recycled wood furniture is available widely, and its unique surface will give your house character. You can find coffee tables, dining tables, chairs, and benches made of recycled wood, with a wide range of prices.

11. Unique bookshelf.

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A bookshelf is no longer an item merely used for its practical function. However, modern bookshelves now come with various unique designs. You can find circular, wall-mounted, ladder, and even asymmetrical bookshelves to match your modern home interior.

12. Pattern mix-and-match.


If you are not fond of the clean design, patterns can be your choice. Typical design tips suggest homeowners combine models with solid colors, but mixing patterns is now trending in modern designs. The key is mixing patterns with a lot of details, so you still have “balanced” look, even with all the details.

13. Family-friendly materials and fabric.

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Family homes, especially the ones with small children and pets inside, are prone to gashes, bumps, mud streaks, dirt, and other unwanted additions. Choosing family-friendly materials and fabric can save you tons of work. Rattan, wicker, and wood are some ideal options. Remove glass surfaces and porcelain ornaments from your design. Use beautiful stone tiles or wood planks as the floor, and remove the rug or carpet.

14. Rustic European in a modern kitchen.

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“European style” often conjures the image of sophisticated, elegant design. However, rustic Old European style is great if you combine it with modern interior. Massive wooden beams, roughly-cut stone wall ornaments, and bronze utensils re rustic elements you can mix with any modern kitchen.

15. Wall arts with graphic patterns.

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Wall arts are favorite design elements in modern homes, which reduce the need to change wallpapers. Graphic patterns are very recent, and many homeowners match the paintings on the walls with some of the furniture items, such as the ottomans or sofas.

16. Themed design.

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Make sure your house looks balanced by creating a specific theme for the design. Beach theme, for example, uses sea-related ornaments, tropical-style furniture, and colors like blue, turquoise, and beige. Summer theme uses the color yellow, orange, and lime green, plus floral decorations. You can incorporate this idea all the way to inner rooms, such as the bedrooms, bathroom, and dining room.

17. Balanced furniture arrangement.

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A balanced arrangement is great to create a relaxing and fulfilling look in a house. For example, make sure to have the same numbers of individual chairs on each side of a long sofa, and center the composition in front of the fireplace or TV.

18. Built-in wall storage.

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Built-in wall storage is a modern solution for space in a family home, but it is also great to add design element without sacrificing comfort. You can artfully arrange books, ornamental plates, statuettes, bowls, and much more to create a favorite look.

You can look for many other design pictures on the internet to find favorite look. Find your own style, and use modern interior design ideas to create a dream family home.

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