25+ Minimalist Living Room Ideas & Inspiration that Won The Internet


Lavish Furnishing in Traditional Design

Minimalist Living Room – Luxury Busla

A traditional-styled minimalist living room can complement the overall design of your house, with a European touch and classic ornaments. You can go for a rich color palette and variety of furniture made of mahogany, or black and white wall décor with a twist of custom ottoman wall covering.

To create more space, you can opt for single love couch, a small table, and a short container strategically placed in the corner. Traditional European style often incorporates sumptuous furnishing and elaborate texture; be sure to play with ornate details like velvet and brocade.

A Relaxed Coastal-Designed Living Room

Minimalist Living Room – Artenzo

You may not reside near the shore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the nautical airy to improve the home design ideas. The basic concept of coastal living room design is having a warm, relaxing, and bright space, which you can draw from typical Hampton’s style inspiration.

If you’re on a budget, place a hammock made of nylon or sturdy rope for a cheap in natural touch. Another option is placing white plush sofas with linen upholstery back to back with a large glass window and a white curtain fall. The interior design can match well with seashells in a jar, sailboats, or a buoy hanging on the wall.

Keep It Simple and Modern with Scandinavian Design

Minimalist Living Room – Interior Design Ideas

Among many other interior designs is the Scandinavian style that plays an important part in modern furniture. The most notable feature of its architectural furniture is simple yet elegant – almost feel like a work of art. Scandinavian design includes many interesting combinations of pressed woods, bright plastics, aluminum, and steel.

You’ll see that Scandi-styled furnishing mostly can be found at IKEA, where they put together functionality and simplicity effortlessly. Try to implement bright colors and not overcrowding the space to create a modern living room with tv.

Be Classy with French-Inspired Minimalist living room

Minimalist Living Room – Pinterest

Some of you may think that French-styled decoration is everything Victorian grandee with a large chandelier and standing oversized clock. However, you can draw the French country design in a minimalist living room by combining white sofa and lavish cushioning among ornate porcelain and linens coverings.

French country living room is dominated by warm color tone including red, yellow, or gold material. Some people also play with different shades of white to make the room more versatile.

Shabby Chic Creates Country Atmosphere in Your Living Room

Minimalist Living Room – Homedit

If you’re more into an old soul, decorating your minimalist living room with shabby chic design can give an extended vintage feeling – if not bohemian impression; but more subtly. Place an oversized Overdyed rug with one muted color and a large cushioning to replace the need of a chair.

Without sofa, you can declutter any unnecessary furnishing for a more spacious room. Shabby chic decoration draws elements from an antique market to bring out soft and delicate surrounding. Paint the wall with brown and white, complement the place with light fixture and wall hanging or introduce linen textile to make a statement.

Industrial Design for A Small Space Apartment

Minimalist Living Room – Photos.hgtv.com

The Industrial design draws its inspiration from an urban loft such as an apartment or even warehouse with some raw minimalism and simple decoration. This type of style is perfect for small space apartment where there is no room for improvement.

You’ll find it unsurprisingly artistic to incorporate exposed brick, metal lighting fixture, and some wooden elements to add the touch of rawness. Industrial design opens myriad possibilities to decorate your apartment with a higher-end industrial material.

Japanese-Styled Living Room for Serene Atmosphere

Minimalist Living Room – Pinterest

Unlike any other Asian-inspired design, the Japanese style is more into simplicity and earthy; thus perfect for a minimalist living room design. We know that the Japanese are now obsessed with a minimalist lifestyle, bringing out nature more into the room rather than the material things.

Make large windows, place wooden furniture in warm earthy colors; a low table with two or three cushioning will do the trick.

Transitional Combines Modernity and Nature

Minimalist Living Room – Memorabledecor.com

For you who love to balance everything, a transitional decoration is perfect for a minimalist living room. It looks quite appealing thanks to the combination of traditional touch and modern design without making the room feels “too much”.

A transitional design combines steel and glass among neutral color palettes that create a relaxed space. Plush furnishing is often incorporated such as wall lighting or a standing lamp; this way, you’ll have both stylish and slick in a warm and captivating surrounding.

Modern Contemporary Minimalist living room

Minimalist Living Room – Cromly Stories

It seems like a modern contemporary design becomes everybody’s favorite to create a minimalist look in luxury. The main idea of this style is to enhance the functionality of the room without overcrowding with accessories.

A clean line, symmetrical décor is the highlight of a modern look. You can also place a large mirror to make an impression of larger room, or design with piano in order to make a statement.

Create A Relaxing Free-Spirit with Rustic Design

Minimalist Living Room – Freshome.com

The rustic-style interior design draws its inspiration from nature. You may expect an open space with no couch, no tv, with fireplace, wood ceiling beams, stone walls, and unpainted wooden floor.

The design will follow the rules of a free-spirited soul such as unfinished elements furnishing, natural material that gives the vibe of a warm environment. A rustic-inspired minimalist living room is expected to gather just enough luxury in a laid-back atmosphere.

Minimalist Living Room – The living room is the part of your house where we live. “Living Room” is not a name determined by situations or from the creativity of some imaginative, however it holds true.

In this room we have lunch, we will have supper and spend our leisure time dedicating ourselves to our enthusiasms, seeing TV and spending time with individuals we like.

A living room is the part of your house that is discovered more due to the fact that it is the flagship, is the part that represents us and where we want to stay quiet and relax.

Every person wants a living room that represents their personality, which can enhance their character, and all the best designers are always working to create brand-new designs that can be ingenious, new and valued by the market.

In this article we have actually only selected the very best design on the market currently, just those who had the ability to distinguish the mass and that represent the on plus ultra relating to very little living room design in a technological society, multicultural and constantly progressing and in movement.

The style that we have actually thought about is the Minimalist design, able to develop masterpieces utilizing just exactly what is essential.

1. Exquisite minimalist living room

The pureness of the white is practically blinding in this design, which stresses the purity and hygiene of the living-room.

The living-room is an uncontaminated location from dirt and problems and the white highlights this effectively.

A beautiful natural light will enable you to check out all your preferred books lying easily in the sophisticated white sofa or a comfy easy chair.

2. Fabulous minimalist living room for a boutique hotel style residence

This minimalist living-room is ideal for individuals who are passionate about innovation and wants always to be updated on the most recent advances in technology.

The large sofa allows the entire friends and family to come together in front of the large 4K screen to view the most popular TV programs or look at a film on Netflix.

The bike is an enjoyable provocation, which encourages people to be technological but not lazy.

3. Minimalist living room with ultra modern furniture


This minimalist living room design is a wood victory, among the earliest materials on the planet, a material thought weak, however that is valuable and able to develop some real masterpieces, as evidenced by this style.

Wood flows throughout the living room as a protective shell to protect the inhabitants of your house from the world and all the evil.

In this room you are safe, and no one can strike you. A cot and a safety location for you and your family.

4. Contemporary style with simple minimal overtones


The world became a multi-ethnic environment where many different cultures are communicating in a small space, allowing a terrific exchange of ideas and viewpoints, allowing a fusion of styles that was unimaginable several years earlier.

This design has an ethnic aftertaste that improves the entire living-room, thanks to the colorful image and above all the leopard chairs.

A touch of the wilderness who prospers to stand out and end up being the protagonist of the entire design.

5. Breathtaking scenery outside living room


Eating in the green is a genuine dream for the majority of the city residents. The idea of being immersed in a green location is unwinding and can clear all the accumulated stress in a tough day’s work.

Now, this is possible thanks to this design that integrates the benefit of the two couches with an awesome view.

The glasses permit you to look out anytime without running any danger. The world will become your tv.

6. Modern minimalist living room in pristine white


A gorgeous cultural hair salon, full of sofas and chairs so you can have some terrific cultural evenings with friends or with the most popular creative personalities of the city.

The big photo is similar to the idea of the Huge Bro, and can be interpreted as the concept of the culture spying on us and encourages us to follow the path of virtue and knowledge.

Simply as composed inside the terrific Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Funny.”

7. Grey adds sleek spohistication to the room

by Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

A wall that safeguards the living location from the issues of the world and able to integrate inside it a TELEVISION to enable you and your household to relax viewing TELEVISION.

In this innovative open space style straight connected to the kitchen area to enjoy in genuine time all the perfumes of the very best homemade food, a taste that is most likely to be forgotten in an age of junk food.

8. Stunning contemporary minimal living room


This style seems to be the living-room of an artist, a creative individual who can produce an originality every day.

The art and open space are the protagonists in the room thanks to the books and white color with an enormous creative energy.

If you wish to develop something new, this is the living room for you; the innovative energy even handles to get from the image.

9. Smart combination of white decor with floating black shelves

by CONTENT Architecture

A lounge that can mix the personal privacy and the desire to rest with the chance to work from home in a hassle-free way.

The sofas allow you to carry out a lot of organisation conferences from home or by means of a Skype or Google Hangouts video conferencing thanks to the great Smart TELEVISION.

The best lighting permits you to have ideal natural daylight for video conferencing of a young adult vibrant and worthwhile.

10. Mesmerizing minimalist living room

by Resolution: 4 Architecture

This minimalist living room style that more than other can provide the idea of a pleasurable evening with your household, the fireplace that warms the environment and the atmosphere.

A lovely Full HD screen showing a brand-new movie and good couch where you can invest terrific nights of enjoyable without tension.

The household will constantly keep in mind these nights thanks to this minimalist living-room style.

11. A masculine and minimal idea for the modern bachelor pad

by Chris Snook

The skin is the casing that protects our body and is the part of us that we treat with the greatest care. Everybody likes to have an intense and fragile skin.

This minimalist living room design is based upon the leather and allows to be able to rest on some terrific leather couches 100% authentic of the highest quality.

The sofas are comfy and easy to tidy. Also, the room is lit correctly, and all this permits the couch to have beautiful light reflections that bewitch your visitors.

12. Dashing room combines industrial and minimalist styles

by World Architecture News

This minimalist living-room is motivated by water, the valuable material origin of life on our world.

A green color similar to water, fragile and enveloping, a pool, a screen that permits you to relax watching the flow of water in front of us and the indirect light of abatjours make this design extremely intimate and minimalist.

13. Minimal room with oriental influence and a hidden table

by Mark Brand Architecture

This minimalist living-room style is greatly influenced by Japanese culture, which is revealed by the wood flooring and the little table, which is the standard table of Japanese homes.

The style reflects the delicate soul of Japan, a country balanced in between old and new, between custom and development for an incredible accomplishment.

14. Flexible seating for the small minimal living room

by Clifton Leung Design Workshop

This style includes the ingenious usage of bricks, being successful in develop a series of racks for holding items inside a wall in an innovative and visually pleasing way.

An excellent result which allows having an innovation utilizing a product that is the basis of all expert construction thanks to the creativity of this knowledgeable designer.

15. Colorful and ultra modern inspiration for the small futuristic home

by Popp Littrell Architecture + Interiors

This style is open to the future and takes the principle of minimalism to its maximum.

Everything is essential in this environment, there are no unnecessary information, and whatever makes good sense in the natural order of things.

This style is a want everybody, so that we may be able to find our place in the world and to set us completely in the complex equipment that is the life.

16. Bright pops of red accents in minimal living room

by House of Amelia

This minimalist living room design is the accomplishment of tradition, a perfect standard living-room with a fireplace, armchairs and a couch with lovely paintings.

An encouraging setting for individuals who can not adapt to the fast pace of the modern world and are searching for a safe harbor at the end of their working day.

17. Wall mounted shelves accentuate the clean and well defined lines

by Product Bureau

The keyword of this environment is frugality. An important and minimalist setting but which can excellently meet all our needs without needing to utilize unusual devices or futuristic style.

All this advises us that simpleness is frequently the very best method to face the obstacles of life.

18. A neutral backdrop allows you to highlight coloful accents with ease

by Davidov Partners Architects

In this minimalist living-room style, we see the absence of the sofa instantly. A development that displaces everyone which puts us in front of our worry of losing our certainties.

However this may be a chance to take advantage of the resources that we never ever use such as chairs, which become therefore indispensable.

We should discover how to harness all our resources and not simply the most convenient and instant.

19. Savvy rug ushers in pops of color


This minimalist living-room is created for all musicians and music lovers. The grand piano enables you to experience the unique night with music.

The idea of playing the most significant songs of history in your living room is fantastic and can end up being a memorable moment in the life of your household

20. Eclectic minimal look for the modern home


This minimalist living-room style is based on the idea of international society.

The world is not limited to our small town or the huge city, but you should think from the perspective of a worldwide market, represented by the towel with the name of the main towns worldwide.

Design in step with the times and able to adjust to the homes of young business owners prepared to take control of their fate.

21. Stylish home blends minimalism with a touch of industrial charm


Typically we think about a living-room as a closed, little room, however this style ruined this bias with an open environment roomy and where you can experience a really excellent time of the day.

The devices make this living room even more important and worthwhile of a sophisticated family that accepts modification and does not want to quit luxury and comfort.

22. Understated patterns add personality to the minimal living room

A design that is based only on one word: sophistication. The white color represents purity and clearness and manages to create a special atmosphere thanks to its simple existence.

The couch and the vase can communicate the concept of minimal living-room in a terrific environment, cultural and full of important individuals.

An impression that will remain etched in the minds of all your visitors after a night in your living room.

23. A couple of famous designs from Charles and Ray Eames make an appearance

by Davidov Partners Architects

Often the brand-new innovations kill the dialogue in between people, and this design permits instead an extremely intimate discussion.

The 2 sofas, in truth, permit people to share and to have a natural conversation and do not lose time in a banal telephone chat.

The designer’s message is , we need to reclaim the right and real contact with individuals, not through a screen, but talking and living.

24. Tufted sofa combines comfort and style

by Randall Architects

A space devoted to kids, who in this way can live a gaming experience in a living-room filled with accessories created for children.

Such as soft Poufs to sit in an amusing method, colorful pillows or the red chair. The kids will like a design that communicates the desire to play and have a good time.

25. Wall artwork that is in tune with the theme of the home

by Chris Pardo Design

This living-room combined with the kitchen enables you to take pleasure in 2 of the most essential rooms in the home at the exact same time.

In this way, you can prepare meals while the rest of the family participates and create a gorgeous atmosphere of complicity and send to others your enthusiasm for cooking.

26. Iconic Noguchi Coffee Table is at home in pretty much any setting

by Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

A haven for the cold winter nights to warm your body and soul in front of a fire and to hang around with all the people you enjoy surrounded by a living-room carved into the wood by competent craftsmen.

We will experience the sensation of being inside the tree of life.

27. Clear some leg room with the Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair

by Elad Gonen

This style seems to have been created by a smart lady, and from her crystal ball that descends from the sky and seems ready to prophesy, of success and joy.

The environment around us is luxurious and sends the sensation of health and success, and all this implies that the crystal ball prediction has actually become a reality.

28. Barcelona daybed steals the show in this minimal room

by Stuart Silk Architects

Lovely style that is based on the picture on the wall, a masterpiece of contemporary art that deserves to be appreciated for the whole evening with the fireplace to produce a wonderful atmosphere.

The table allows you to relax by closing your eyes listening to the sound of the fire and relaxing the body and the mind.

29. Contemporary room filled with Mid Century modern delights

by Daniel Sheehan Photography

Professionalism is the queen of this living-room, deserving of the president of a significant corporation.

Sofas and chairs have an expert look that expresses self-confidence and who reveals to the world the self-confidence of the proprietor, a hard worker able to finest manage all type of challenges in every aspect of life and work.

30. Beautiful minimalist living room in white

by Designer Premier

This is the perfect lounge for a casual evening with good friends for an aperitif or an after dinner without the rigid guidelines of society for creating an informal setting without transgressing in a manner unhealthy.

The mirror allows us to examine our physical look and constantly look wise and tidy for our guests.

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