Interesting Information about Corn Tortillas Gluten Free

Are Corn Tortillas Gluten Free? – Corn tortillas are the most consumed stuff in Cost Rica. People in Cost Rica use them with anything they eat, whether for lunch or in dinner. The other most consuming countries of Corn tortillas are the Mexican.

Are Corn Tortillas Gluten Free

Despite the most prevalent propaganda against anti-carb, there is a huge majority of people who like them. There are two types of them. One that is homemade and another which is available in the stores. However, people like homemade ones. It is said that, Corn tortillas is in use for thousands of years now. The first people who understood their benefits were Mayans. The Mayans were the people who first exported them to different countries including Europe.

The discussion which we are doing right now is regarding small size. These types of corn tortillas normally grow up in white color. However, there are many varieties of them as in different colors they use to be of different color. In some countries they will be of yellow color and in some countries they are of yellow color. The people of the United States of America also use them as a regular part of their lunch. But, there is also a big figure of people who really don’t know about Corn Tortillas.

In Corn Tortilla, there is a wheat four which contain a considerable amount of salt and some fats.

Are Corn Tortillas Gluten Free (nutrition)

However, if we will talk about traditional Corns, then such corn tortillas are normally white and they are free of salts and fats. They are made up of maize unlike other ones, which contain vegetable corn. These are very rich in nutrition and are also very delicious too.

In order to make corn, soft, you will need to soak it in a solution , that will normally be of alkaline.The presence of alkaline, makes Corn easy to digest. They are also known for having a great number of Calcium. Corn is also known for softening the kernel which in return removes the germs. Corn, is also very much capable of converting Vitamin B into other elements which are more acceptable for our body. Such qualities make them the best food for the body.

Why to have Corn Tortillas?

is corn gluten free (homemade corn tortillas)

There are enormous benefits of including them into your diet. Corn tortilla, is a good source of fiber. In every hundred grams of Corn there is a quantity of 5 grams of fiber.

Another reason for adding them in your diet is that it contains the super rich amount of calcium in it. Scientists say that, in one Corn Tortilla there is around one hundred seventy grams of calcium.

If you are facing a deficiency of proteins in your body, then you must add Corn tortilla in your diet. It is proven that there are around six grams of protein in one Tortilla.

Corn Tortilla is also considered as rich in Vitamin B12. Other vitamins, which are naturally built in are magnesium and potassium. Another best benefit of Corn Tortilla is that there is a minimum quantity of salt in it.

The best benefit of having corn tortilla is that it is gluten free natural product. It’s very good for those who have food allergies. According to some people, they don’t like to have corn tortilla because of its appearance and its rough texture. In order to make it soft you just need to heat it up and it will turn out to be very soft. The benefit of having Corn tortilla is that it adds up in the taste of anything in which you have added Corn Tortilla.

If you are looking for the substitute of bread, then you may use Corn Tortilla for the said purpose. You can use Corn with different types of foods, such as, eggs.

The best thing about Corn Tortilla is that you can make it by your own at your home. So give it a try and have a entirely gluten free Corn Tortillas.

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