10 Garden Fence Ideas to Make Your Green Space More Beautiful

1. Picket Fences

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It’s traditional, conventional, and very American. Pickets are commonly used in garden fence ideas thanks to its charming quality. People mostly paint them in white and pair them with a matching beam as an additional to the gate.

Picket fences in low characteristics are more popular, allowing you to have a clear border yet maintaining the beautiful view from afar. While some of you prefer building them from woods, vinyl makes a cheaper solution and easier to be cleaned.

2. Wattle Fences

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Most of you will say that building wattle fence is very time-consuming and more than just a complicated process, when the truth is just the opposite. The type of garden fence ideas is stable and straightforward to build, also have a versatile quality that allows you to remove them easily.

Do yourself a favor by building wattle fences on budget; use 5-cm diameter stakes made of bamboo and oak. Make sure you choose long branches with a diameter between 2 and 3 inches; this will provide just enough flexibility and added stability to the making process.

3. Screen Fences

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If you wish for an ultimate privacy for garden fence ideas in the backyard, screen fences make the best possible candidate. You can use them to highlight the garden, and even decorate the screen using outboard flowers and make it real pretty.

Screen fences are coming with various styles and materials to suit your garden’s overall looks. The natural look of timber made of hardwood or composite materials are a great eco-friendly protection. You can also have DIY plant screen fences by choosing high plants and put them in groups.

4. Wrought Iron Fences

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There’s no way you can make wrought iron fences by yourself. But buying the right shape for your garden fence ideas will provide a sturdy, reliable, and secure protection for the plants.

Wrought iron fences come in various heights. If you want to get the low model, pack some plants behind it to give a visual attraction. Among the most favorite ones is the Victorian wrought iron fence, which provides a great protection in captivating style.

5. Ivy Fences

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While some of you may think that ivy is annoying and invasive in garden fence ideas, it is actually an affordable solution for easy fencing. The only thing to remember is how to make the ivy grow upward rather than outward. Ivy is easy to grow; it requires simple maintenance, and will be fully established after 3 months.

To grow a beautiful ivy fence, pick the non-invasive variety. Ivy fences work almost like hedges; it secures your garden space with some environmental benefits that come with a great aesthetic.

6. Metal Plank Fences

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While wrought iron fencing requires more greens out from your pocket, another simple choice to have a sturdy garden protection is by using metal planks. It can be made of galvanized steel, chain link or aluminum for a cheaper option.

One good thing about metal planks is its durability against weather. Since you put them outside, you may consider applying a weather-resistant polyester coating to improve the durability. To have an appealing design for your garden fences ideas, choose thin and smooth metal and place them with few inches span.

7. Trellis Fences

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Also popularly known as lattice, trellis fences have a high functionality to provide both your house and garden with high flexibility. You can even pair them with garden fence gate; place some climbing plants around to make a beautiful grand entrance.

Although trellis fences come in various shape, people favor the high model the most, due to its protective quality. Not only useful as one of popular garden fence ideas, but trellis also makes great partitions or privacy screen.

8. Stone Fences

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Some handsome rock can liven up your garden fence ideas that combine nature and practicality. To your surprise, stone fences are much more affordable than you may think; they come in abundant varieties, offer great durability and require a little to no maintenance.

Limestone, brick, and granite are among the most popular options. If you wish to add some aesthetic point of view, try to combine different shape of stones, ranging from flat stone, round, irregular shape that comes small and big. How to build a stone fence? A simple option is by building a stack of stones on top of each other.

9. Bamboo Fences

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If you have a garden full of vegetable and beautiful flowers in Japanese style, making bamboo fences will add to promote its visual beauty. Bamboos offer complete green with stronger durability compared to a wooden fence. You can build it independently as per bamboo rods or create a large bamboo screen with the material.

Besides, bamboos also make a cheaper option with great simplicity. To build a bamboo screen, you can do the project using screws and wires.

10. Chicken Wire Fences

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Building garden fence ideas with chicken wire are especially beneficial for those who are also running a farm. The characteristic of chicken wire fences will protect your vegetable garden from animals such as chickens, rabbits, or any other potential predators.

In most cases, the chicken wire fence is built for at least 6 feet high. The first thing to be included in your fencing plans is measuring the perimeter outline. Set the poles on the ground and stretch out the wires.

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