10 Tips on How to Build the Ultimate Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Wooden Table

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One typical characteristic of farmhouse kitchen design ideas is its functionality as kitchen slash dining room. A wooden table will complement the rustic look, with design mostly inspired by the French country kitchen or American colonial era; think of a cowboy sitting in a bar in Wild West hemisphere.

Most farmhouse-style kitchen tables are not sold in one set with the chairs; choose a large and long one so it can accommodate all members of your family. Simply leave the top unpainted or polish it using a bug-resistant vinyl coating to improve durability.

2. Leave The Floor and Wall Unpainted

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To give the impression of rustic and natural, decorating the farmhouse kitchen design ideas is not that complicated. You can leave the wooden floor and wall unpainted with a fan hanging from the ceiling.


If you find that brown is a common color in farmhouse kitchen décor, try use travertine that comes in a wide variety of mineral springs with different shapes and colors. A modern farmhouse-style kitchen often uses white as the dominated color palette and make the hardwood looks like tiles.

3. An Apron-Front Sink

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In a farmhouse-inspired kitchen, a sink takes a focal point; it’s large, dramatic, and deep – it takes the décor to a different level compared to any other style. The sink is expected to take all the dirty dishes in one go, so be sure to buy a big one with a faucet that can be mounted on the wall.

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The mounted faucet is another distinctive characteristic in farmhouse kitchen design ideas; the sink doesn’t usually come with holes for the faucets. It means when the sink is broken or damaged, you can just replace without destroying the cabinet.

4. White Cabinets or Open Shelving

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When it comes to choosing cabinets in farmhouse kitchen design ideas, the option is down to two; white cabinets or open shelving for storage. In most cases, people choose white cabinets simply because they complement the look of wooden surroundings, giving a more balanced breathy space the dark natural resources.

The open shelves, on the other hand, are also versatile. You can see hanging kitchen utensils that make a classic feature of a country-style kitchen.

5. Utilize The Natural Light

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The idea of having a farmhouse-decorated kitchen is to be close to nature as much as possible. Thus, you can incorporate large windows in farmhouse kitchen design ideas, strategically placing them near the sink or kitchen counter. This way, natural sunlight and the cold breeze will always be ready at your service.

At night, though, you can light up the lamp to illuminate the room. People mostly use modern drum pendant placed right above the kitchen island or brass pendants to create bright lighting colors.

6. Country Style Accessories

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To add a more rustic country kitchen feeling, you can place an apron rack. It doesn’t have to be a standee; you can also nail one on the wall. Surely, a floral colorful apron hanging can give a positive mood to your cooking.

Another great typical decoration in a country kitchen is the DIY signboard project; you can write popular phrasal words or saying and hang it on the wall. Wooden tools, white dishes, and mason jars are also typical in a farmhouse-styled kitchen.

7. Dress Your Windows

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Curtains are quintessential in farmhouse kitchen design ideas. Dressing your windows can be done using a new set of curtains that’ll fresh a vintage small country kitchen. Another way is by utilizing a DIY drapery.


Remember not to incorporate a dark color shade in your farmhouse kitchen; the idea is still giving out the space for the natural light to come in. If you want a little more detail, add some lace to the kitchen linens.

8. Airy and Sleek Kitchen Counter Island

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A large kitchen counter island is an essential working station for every good cook. In some kitchens, it also becomes the place where you prepare, cook, and eat the meal. However, if you have a small country kitchen with no spacious room, any flat surface can be transformed into a kitchen island.

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Wood, marble, and granite countertops can make a useful and sophisticated feature in the alluring farmhouse kitchen design ideas. The wooden countertops, though, is the most favored one to complement a vintage look.

9. Classic Farmhouse Flooring Style

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There are abundant methods on how to style your farmhouse kitchen flooring. The most popular one is by using barn-board, which offers versatile decoration from stained, painted, or coated and left them in the natural shape; they’re also pretty inexpensive.

Another great option is placing reclaimed wood, tiles, or brick for the floor covering. Brick is known for its rustic quality that’s capable of delivering a vintage feeling.

10. Neutral and Warm Colors on The Wall

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The basic rule on creating farmhouse kitchen design ideas is incorporating anything natural, including the painting. Be sure to take inspiration from nature and use neutral color shades.

It doesn’t have to be white; you can choose beige, cream, mint green, or grey to improve the rustic feeling. Avoid using bright and bold colors and keep the painting from having the similar color scheme with the wall set. Warm and earthy colors can improve your farmhouse kitchen design ideas.

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