Best Time to Visit Lake Tahoe – Weather and Events [Ultimate Guide]

Best Time to Visit Lake Tahoe – The very best times to visit Lake Tahoe are from March to May and from September to November, however the location invites visitors throughout the year thanks to the variety of attractions and activities available.

With warmer weather condition comes beachcombers: In July and August, Tahoe’s coasts are lined with oversized umbrellas and sun-drenched kids. There’s a small break in traveler activity during the fall, but as the temperature levels decline, visitors reappear with skis in hand, ready to deal with the powder. Traveling in March or November specifically will permit you to experience the location at a portion of the rate.

Best Time to Visit Lake Tahoe: March-May

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Spring April 1st to May 31st

With temperatures gradually increasing (from the high 40s to the low 60s), spring marks Lake Tahoe’s shift from snowboarding capital to beach destination. Throughout this in-between time, crowds are fewer and costs are lower. Plus, you may be lucky enough to catch a few remaining snowflakes still on the slopes.

Spring is the second low season up here, the snow melts, whatever comes to life and it’s a good time to go hiking, cycling and checking out. Temperatures are excellent during the day to be active. Costs on North Lake Tahoe and Truckee vacation rentals are much lower so if you’re looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of a busy life a week up in the mountains might be simply what the physicians recommended.


  • Earth Day (April).
  • Genoa Cowboy Poetry & Music Celebration (May).

Best Time to Visit Lake Tahoe: June-August

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Summer season: June 1st to Sep 15th.

Summer season is the most popular time to visit Lake Tahoe. Thanks to temperature levels in the high 70s, the routes are ready to be treked, the beaches are prepared to be dozed upon and the lake is prepared to be paddled. Prepare yourself for big crowds and soaring prices on any offered weekend (you might save some cash by traveling throughout the week). Make certain you book a minimum of 3 months ahead of time to ensure availability.

During Summer season Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake’s beaches are packed, all the parks, golf courses, treking and cycling routes are open so expect crowds everywhere you go, we suggest having appointments at restaurants on weekends. Summertime is likewise the time when you’ll see wedding event celebrations on the lake taking photos or having an event on a beach, for more info when Lake Tahoe weddings visit our page.

June is regularly calm, the water temperature is not warm enough for swimming( a minimum of not for everybody) so it’s a good time to visit if you don’t delight in crowds, all the other activities are offered and if you’re renting a house that has a swimming pool it’s a fantastic compromise to the cooler lake water.

Take advantage of longer stays in June, 2-4 weeks leasings will offer much deeper discounts than any other time in the summertime. Beginning Fourth of July all the way till Labor Day Lake Tahoe and Truckee is loaded with travelers, there are people sunbathing, swimming, cycling, hiking, tubing, kayaking every day of the week. Right after Labor Day till Sep 15th would be a fun time to delight in the warm water and a peaceful Lake Tahoe, so the choice is yours.


  • Lake Tahoe Paddle Celebration (June).
  • Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival (July-August).
  • Brews, Jazz & Funk Fest (August).

Best Time to Visit Lake Tahoe: September-November

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Summer season: June 1st to Sep 15th.

Fall: Sep 16th to Dec 15th.

As temperatures drop (from the low 70s to the high 40s), so do rates. The region witnesses a significant tourism slump as the kids return to school and the wind starts to bite. Visit throughout late September to capture the last couple of days of trailblazing, or aim for late November to obtain a jump on ski season.

Fall is very good at the Lake, the high summertime temperature levels starts to decrease so it’s a great time to explore and be active, delight in long walkings, bike around the lake, spend your day on the golf course or just unwind on a deck checking out a book, it’s serene and peaceful time. Some ski resorts will open at the end of November so you have couple weeks to delight in fresh snow and pay much lower for lodging compared to winter.


  • Test the Sierra (September).
  • Lake Tahoe Fall Fish Celebration (October).
  • Camp Richardson’s Annual Oktoberfest (October).

Best Time to Visit Lake Tahoe: December-February

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Winter season Dec 16th to March 31st.

Think it or not, Lake Tahoe snowy winter seasons aren’t that bad thanks to average highs in the low 40s. So whether you have actually come to shred some powder or just to take pleasure in the view, winter season is a fun time to visit.

Nevertheless, you will not be the only one aiming to capitalize the weather: Expect crowds to increase and costs to increase (although you can avoid both of these by visiting throughout the week). And to prepare for this hectic season, think about scheduling at least a few months beforehand.

In Winter Lake Tahoe and Truckee becomes a wonderland with wonderfully snow caped mountains. All ski resorts are open, you can take pleasure in a day of snowboarding, snowboarding, ice skating, snowmobiling, cross nation skiing or simply spend a day in one of the towns browsing the shops and restaurants.

From Christmas to the end of March you can anticipate the stores, dining establishments, shops and ski turn to be crowded, there are people all over, I do not blame them, the unmatched beauty of this area can’t be overlooked.

Lake Tahoe and Truckee are stunning any season, either you enjoy summer season or winter, spring or fall there will constantly be something for you to enjoy.

For Tips on Exactly what to Expect When Visiting Lake Tahoe please visit our page, if you wish to rent a gorgeous house in North Lake Tahoe or Truckee we’ll enjoy to provide among our beautiful homes.

South Lake Tahoe Weather & Temperature by Month

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January is one of the coldest months in South Lake Tahoe with the average low temperatures at a frigid 24 ° F (-4 ° C). This coincides with a whopping 73 inches (184 cm) of snow and the highest rainfall rate of 9 inches (220 mm). Heat averages are at 40 ° F (4 ° C).

In February, South Lake Tahoe experiences its coldest month of the year with the typical low temperature levels and the average heats determining in at 23 ° F (-5 ° C )and 39 ° F (4 ° C) respectively. Meanwhile, the snowfall increases to 75 inches(191 cm).

South Lake Tahoe Weather condition in March: Winter sports are wonderful in March as snowfall is at its greatest for the year at 85 inches (216 cm). Despite the amazing quantity of snow, the typical high temperature increases to 43 ° F ( 6 ° C) while the typical low temperature sees a small increase to 25 ° F (-4 ° C).

In April, the average high temperature climbs to 47 ° F (7 ° C ). The typical low temperature level likewise increases by a couple of degrees to 28 ° F ( -2 °). Snowfall sees an extreme decrease with just 36 inches (91 cm) to be anticipated this month.

May brings even lower levels of snowfall with simply 9 inches (23 cm) expected. Rainfall levels are also rather low at 3 inches (68 mm). Meanwhile, the typical low and typical high temperature continues in its upward pattern rising to 35 ° F (2 ° C) and 57 ° F (14 °C) respectively.

In June, the low temperature level average and the heat average ranges between 43 ° F (6 ° C)and 57 ° F (14 ° C ). Snow levels dwindle in this month at simply 2 inches (5 cm).

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South Lake Tahoe Weather condition in July: It’s a dry month at South Lake Tahoe with the precipitation levels at their outright lowest for the entire year in July. Simply 11 mm of rains can be anticipated for this summertime as the typical low and typical heats increase to 50 ° F (10 ° C )and 74 ° F (23 ° C)respectively.

August is the hottest month of the year with the typical heats peaking at 75 ° F (24 ° C ). The low temperature level average holds consistent at 50 ° F (10 ° C).

In September the temperature levels begin a downward trend with the typical low temperature level dropping rapidly to 45 ° F (7 ° C). Likewise, the typical high temperature sees a substantial decrease to 67 ° F (19 ° C). It’s an eventful September in South Lake Tahoe as the snow picks up when again with 4 inches (10 cm) falling this month.

South Lake Tahoe Weather condition in October: The fall season truly picks up in October with low temperature level averages visiting nearly 10 degrees to 36 ° F (2 ° C ). The heat average, on the other hand, falls by over 10 degrees to 56 ° F (14 ° C). The snow gets too with 13 inches (33 cm) falling and the precipitation typical increasing to 4 inches (90 mm).

In November, a deluge of snow pertains to South Lake Tahoe with the average snow sky rocketing to 50 inches (127 cm). Similarly, temperatures drop even more to 28 ° F ( -2 ° C ) for the typical low temperature level and 44 ° F ( 7 ° C ) for the typical high temperature.

December sees much more snow with 61 inches (155 cm) anticipated. The typical heat continues to reduce to 38 ° F ( 3 ° C)while the average low temperature level sinks to a freezing 24 ° F (-5 ° C).

There’s absolutely no denying the fact that South Lake Tahoe is a gorgeous holiday destination no matter what time of the year it is. The only thing that you need to pick is exactly what in particular you are keenest on experiencing. Perhaps the busiest season at South Lake Tahoe, the summer months of June to August is the very best time to visit to see all the area destinations.

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Summertime visitors can likewise anticipate the Fourth of July celebrations in the area, which are exceptionally satisfying. To see the best of the autumn foliage, it’s perfect to visit in October up till mid-November.

Of course, snowboarding and snowboarding are fantastic in the winter season of November through January and can often even extend till completion of May. For visitors who just want to prevent the bulk of the traveler volume, strategy your visit anytime between September and November.

After reading this, you can plan the day that best time to visit Lake Tahoe by yourselves.

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