Best Time To Visit Bora Bora: Expert Travel Advice

Best Time to Visit Bora-bora – The best times to go to Bora-bora are November and April. These brief shoulder seasons offer fine weather condition with temperature levels in the mid-70s to mid-80s. High season runs from May to October when shower are separated and the number of tourists swells. Low season stretches from December to March when the weather is wet and visitors become mosquito bait. However really anytime is a great time to visit Bora-bora, given that the weather is warm year-round.

Being such an incredibly popular island for honeymoons among North Americans, Bora-bora has its high season and largest crowds during June and July, but for those with a choice of when to go there are probably much better times of year, depending upon your goals, so we’ll talk about each season listed below.

Weather in Bora-bora

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As with all other tropical islands, Bora-bora has 2 seasons rather than 4. There’s a rainy season and a dry season, and being a bit south of the equator, its “summer” is from December through February while the “winter season” is from June through August.

Nevertheless, as you can see on our primary weather in Bora-bora by month post, the temperature levels are almost identical all year long, and even the rains is somewhat constant compared with numerous other islands in the South Pacific.

The rainy season runs basically from mid November through mid April, however cloud bursts are possible at any time.

Best Time to Visit Bora-bora: May-October

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This six-month peak season sees heavy crowds (August is a particularly popular month amongst European travelers). The climate during this season is at its most dry and temperature levels vary from the upper 60s to the mid-80s. The only downside is the hotel and resort costs. You’ll find lodging rates at their peak.


  • Tahiti Pearl Regatta (April – May).
  • Heiva I Bora-bora (June – July).

High season for hotels: June through October

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The best weather condition, with slightly cooler temperature levels and lower humidities, runs from May through August, but a lot of hotels raise their rates only from June through October. Again, this is partially due to the number of weddings and honeymoons during this period, so if you go throughout June or July you’ll be seeing a great deal of newlyweds.

All the resorts, consisting of those with overwater cottages in Bora-bora, have their peak rates during this duration. Luckily, the majority of these are only 10 or 20% more than their low-season rates, so there isn’t a huge swing at many locations.

Best Time to Visit Bora-bora: November

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Following peak season, November is a good time to catch Bora-bora with diminished crowds. Temperatures range from the low 70s to the mid-80s and you may discover an affordable room rate. While Bora-bora lodgings are notoriously expensive no matter the season, the low and shoulder seasons are understood to sport some deals.


  • Hawaiki Nui Va’a (November).

Best Time to Visit Bora-bora: December-March

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In Bora-bora, you never know exactly what you’re going to get between December and March. At times, rainy conditions (and mosquitoes) define these months, however at other times the sun will be bright and the sky clear. The erratic weather keeps peak-season travelers away, making this time of year suitable for bargain hunters. And after all, the temperature levels still hover in the comfy mid-70s and mid-80s.


  • Bora-bora Liquid Festival (December).
  • Taurua Varua (January).

Off season: November through May

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From November through March the weather is a bit hotter and humidity is higher throughout the day, however the more significant modification is the rainfall. Like in a lot of tropical locations, the rain has the tendency to be available in significant bursts, frequently lasting only 30 to 60 minutes, and then cleaning up. This sometimes occurs over night, however it’s also relatively typical in the late afternoon.

If you come from December through March you may have overcast skies for numerous hours every day, though it’s rare to go one for longer durations. Likewise, when the summertime clouds move in rapidly you can get some of the most stunning sundowns you’ll ever see in your life.

Best Time to Visit Bora-bora: April

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In April, the temperature levels in Bora-bora change in between the lower 70s and the upper 80s. Since it’s right before the high season, April acts as an excellent month to vacation in picture-perfect weather sans tourist crowds. For icing on the cake, you may find discounted rates on hotels or resorts.

Best diving: April through November

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Bora-bora is definitely a location for diving and snorkeling, and if these water sports huge incentives for you it’s another need to come between April and November. The heavier rains the remainder of the year have the tendency to disturb the clear water and make visibility less ideal for time periods, though there’s still lots of excellent diving weather all year.

Conc. Best Months to Visit Bora-bora: April and May

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With all the above in mind, the very best time to go to Bora-bora is in either April or May. You’ll get the low-season hotel rates plus the very best weather and excellent scuba diving. It’s simply a matter of less individuals in The United States and Canada taking vacations during these months, so demand is lower, and the resorts enjoy to use great rates to motivate visitors.

Bora-bora Weather by Month


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January in Bora-bora is the damp season. During January there is high humidity and warmer air temperature levels –about 5 ° F warmer. January has more rain than other times of the year. An uncommon cyclone may pass throughout the Pacific Ocean close by, bringing several days of periodic showers.


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February in Bora-bora is the wet season. It’s about 5 ° F warmer and a more damp typically. February has a high possibility of rain in Bora-bora. While the air temperature level can be warmer, the regular rain cools the air. Bring a raincoat and wet weather condition gear if traveling at this time of year.


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March in Bora-bora is last month of the wet season. It is humid and about 5 ° F warmer. The lagoon water is warmest at this time of year.


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April in Bora-bora is the end of damp season. It is regarded as a ‘shoulder season’ month. There are more hours of sunshine and less opportunity of rain. This is a good time of year to go to Bora-bora on a budget plan as the resort rates are lower than during high season rates.


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May is another shoulder season month and is a stunning time of year to visit. Schedule well beforehand to take a trip to Bora-bora during May, as this month combines good weather condition and lower costs – so it’s a popular time to book.


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June in Bora-bora is the beginning of the high season. The weather in Bora-bora is dryer at this time of year and there is less humidity. The air and water temperature levels are cooler on average. The south eastern trade winds begin to blow during June.


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July in Bora-bora is peak high season. If you choose less humidity and not such a hot climate, this is a great month for you to visit Bora-bora. The water temperature is cooler than typical and the south eastern trade winds blow, keeping the air cooler. Bring a windproof coat if traveling at this time of year.


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August in Bora-bora is the busiest month. It is high season and still the dry season. The trade winds are at their strongest. This is a great time of year for wind sports and cruising. August in Bora-bora usually has the least rain and less humidity, so might be the best Bora-bora weather for you if you originate from a cooler environment.

September – October

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September in Bora-bora is also High season. It is a clothes dryer season and there are less crowds than August,

October in Bora-bora is the last month of the dry season. October is still categorized as high season, which usually ends on the 31st of October.


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November in Bora-bora is completion of dry season as the weather moves into the damp season later in the month. The weather in November can be patchy, with periods of rain and sunshine. There begins to be more humidity in the air and the island becomes more lush with the rain.


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December in Bora-bora is the wet season. The air is damp and about 5 ° F warmer. December in Bora-bora has more chance of rain. Bring a raincoat and shoes you do not mind getting damp if taking a trip at this time of year.

Bora-bora is a distinct remote tropical island location. You can’t rush out to Target to grab something that you forgot. There specify products which you will need, depending upon the time of year you go. Here’s what you need to know about what to require to Bora-bora.

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