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Best Time to Visit Bermuda – So when is the very best time to go to Bermuda? It really depends upon what you like and how you wish to take pleasure in the island. From a common tourist perspective, high season or the peak time in Bermuda is between May to October. This is when most travelers visit Bermuda 85% of the tourists are from the USA. Rest are mainly from UK and Canada, while a little number originated from other nations.

About 600,000 travelers visit Bermuda every year from which a great deal (over half) by cruise. When do you believe they all come and overload the island? Obviously when it’s warm and sunny out there. However there are many who prefer the off season or the winter time, because the island is devoid of crowd and in its peaceful best then.

Best Time to Visit Bermuda

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best time to visit bermuda –

The very best time to visit Bermuda is either March or April when the temperate weather becomes enjoyable for beach bathing, even if it’s not warm enough for swimming yet. And the rates aren’t as high as they are throughout the busiest season, from May to October. If you’re more thinking about playing golf, plan your journey for the wintertime– you’ll get the best discount rate at the hotels, plus the islands aren’t almost as crowded.

Best Time to Visit Bermuda: November – February

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This would be winter season, as it were, yet it hardly ever dips listed below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. So it’s too cold for swimming, but you’ll discover a lot of other enticing things to do. Which goes double for golf fans. Bermuda was a veteran host of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf trip and its golf culture continues to tempt lovers of the sport from all over the world.

The weather condition this time of year is wonderful for a round of golf -not to mention, hotel rates and airfares are lower than throughout busier months. Plus, seniors and couples golf competitions are kept in February and the Ladies Pro-Am Golf Classic takes place in March.

This is likewise an ideal season for hopping on a bicycle. The Fat Tire Enormous Flying Colours Mountain bicycle Race Series runs from November through March.

The series includes nine point races throughout the island, with the last standing based on the seven best outcomes. Winter is likewise the height of the mountain cycling season. Pointer: Easy routes are on the west side of the island; harder ones, on the east.

Even if sports aren’t your thing, you’ll have a lot of choices. Throughout the holiday, consider signing on for the complimentary Bermuda National Trust Christmas Walkabout around St. George’s.

You’ll stop at the Ducking Stool for a historic reenactment of trials and St. Peter’s Church, Their Majesties Chappell. St. George’s is one of the earliest English settlements in the New World, a designated UNESCO World Heritage website.

And how about dancing with the Gombey? Dressed in colorful costumes and using tall, triangular hats topped with assorted plumage, the Gombey can be seen performing around Bermuda on Boxing Day (December 26) and New Year’s Day. The dance masquerade troupes represent a mix of cultures, with British military impact apparent in the rhythm of the standard snare drums


  • Bermuda Marathon Weekend (January).
  • Bermuda Regional Bridge Tournament (January).

Low (Off) Season in Bermuda

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The low or off season in Bermuda is the winter time in between November to March. The temperature varies in between high 60s to low 60s. The day time is happily cool although you will need coats in mornings and late evenings.

This time in Bermuda has its own benefits. The first is that there are hardly any travelers, so there is so much area for you and whole Bermuda looks a lot more attractive & tranquil. Something however, much of the popular tourist attractions and water activities remain closed or operate in minimized hours throughout winter season time.

Nevertheless several destinations continue to stay open in winter season like the National Museum at the dockyard, Botanical Gardens in Paget, Bermuda Fish tank Museum & Zoo, Art Galleries, Crystal & Dream Caves complex and more. So there are still lot to see in fact.

The beaches look so gorgeous being spared of travelers. Although water temperature during winter season may not be comfortable for a swim, you can wear a wetsuit and swim, snorkel or even dive. And water exposure during winter is far higher than summer.

The rates offered by hotels, tour operators and others throughout this time can be as low as 50% of the peak rates. Solutions are so much better all over during this time. There are special walking trips arranged in Bermuda during the winter.

Playing golf in Bermuda throughout winter is at its peak and it’s that a lot easier to obtain tee times due to less visitors. Shopping around this time in Bermuda is a terrific pleasure as a lot of shops go empty being devoid of travelers.

Best Time to Visit Bermuda: March – April

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Temperature levels are now approaching into the charming low 70s, yet it’s still a relatively economical time as most will find it a bit too chilly for the beach. These are also the months when Bermuda usually gets the least quantity of rain.

The Bermuda Open Beach ball Competition is held each April; spring is also a remarkably great time for treking. The Railway Trail is an easygoing and scenic treking path that’s constructed together with the train tracks that were left from the days when trains passed through the island.

Another great way to get some active enjoyable is to climb the 185 actions of the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. The lighthouse, which sits atop a green slope of land in a quite domestic community, was among the very first on the planet to be made from cast iron.

Exploring the African Diaspora Heritage Trail is another fascinating way to experience Bermuda’s history. The trail educates visitors on Bermuda’s role in the servant trade, with the objective of protecting the heritage and culture of the African Diaspora (the communities all over the world that have come about from the motion of individuals out of Africa).

All the lots of websites along the path, consisting of lots of monuments and museums, are officially designated as the UNESCO Slave Path Project. You’ll want to tackle the trail by location.

Two of the websites on the east end of the path, for instance, consist of the Lost at Sea Memorial (many slaves worked and survived on boats as anglers, whalers, and pilots; some never ever returned) and Pilot Darrell’s Square, the site of the home of James Darrel, the very first recorded Bermudian devoid of slavery and an exceptional ship’s pilot.

If you’re in Bermuda on Easter Sunday, go out to Horseshoe Bay to see the flying of colorful homemade kites, an island tradition.


  • Easter (March-April).
  • Bermuda Open Beach ball Competition (April).

Best Time to Visit Bermuda: May – October

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Ah, summer in Bermuda. Its beauties abound -as are the visitors. Demand, and hence rates, are high during this time, so you’ll have to book months beforehand. The weather condition, typically in the low to mid 80s, is perfect to soak in the sun on the well-known pink-sand beaches.

June, July, and August are the most popular– and costly– months, and the first half of May is a bit cooler and typically a bit more affordable. Despite the fact that high season here is likewise cyclone season, Bermuda has much lower threat of hurricanes than most of the Caribbean islands, thanks in part to the protective reefs surrounding it.

Bermuda’s beaches get their signature hue from their structure of incredibly carefully ground shells, coral, and tiny red organisms that are plentiful on the surrounding reefs. Those reefs also provide unbelievable snorkeling opportunities. They not just secure the island, but have actually shown challenging to ships throughout history.

That’s why there are about 300 shipwrecks in the surrounding waters. Two of them, the Constellation and the Montana, lie simply a half-hour offshore and just 15 to 20 feet below the surface. The sites are popular amongst snorkelers.

Summer is likewise prime-time show for fishing. Both the Billfish Release Cup and Billfish Blast usually take place in July. Billfish are a kind of big, predatory fish that can be as long as 13 feet or more. The popular Beach Tennis Competition usually happens in August or September.

It’s a Worldwide Tennis Federation event that draws gamers from around the globe. Numerous tennis fans delight in taking in a match from a beach chair.

It’s no secret that Bermudians like their cricket, too. Take in a sport you likely don’t see much of in your home at the Cup Match, the yearly cricket classic in between island competitors St. George’s and Somerset. The occasion typically takes place in July or August.


  • Bermuda International Race Week (May).
  • Bermuda Billfish Release Cup (June).
  • Bermuda Billfish Bash (July).
  • Bermuda Beach Tennis Competition (August).
  • Cup Match (August).

High Season in Bermuda (May to October)

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May to October is the summer season in Bermuda. This is the time when the weather is at its best. The day temperature level averages to high 80s ( ° F) and during the night it comes down to high 60s. The mornings are excellent and warm, evenings are romantic and the nights are cool.

Although cruises and flights operate routinely throughout the whole summer season when loads of travelers keep checking out the island, June, July, August and September are the four months which are normally the busiest time in summertime. This is when water temperature level increases to 80s and humidity remains at low 80s.

The main summertime season starts on Bermuda Day (which is normally on May 24). During summer all the beaches in Bermuda get alive with a great deal of beach activities. Numerous operators swing into play offering island & boating trips, water sport activities and so on.

And numerous festivals and night time home entertainment happen in the island throughout this time. However bear in mind that this small island gets flooded with visitors around this time. So most of the general public locations consisting of the beaches will be quite crowded.

What is Hurricane Season in Bermuda?

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This curse of the Caribbean, The Bahamas, and Bermuda lasts officially from June to November, however do not panic– less hurricanes pound Bermuda than the United States mainland. Bermuda is also less often hit than islands in the Caribbean. Satellite forecasts are normally able to offer sufficient warning of any actually dangerous weather condition.

If you’re concerned, you can call the nearest branch of the National Weather condition Service (it’s noted under the U.S. Department of Commerce in the telephone directory). Radio and TELEVISION weather forecast from the National Hurricane Center in Coral Gables, Florida, will likewise keep you posted.

Note Holidays in Bermuda to Avoid Crowds

Bermuda observes the following public holidays:

  • New Year’s Day (Jan 1)
  • Great Friday, Easter, Bermuda Day (May 24)
  • the Queen’s Birthday (very first or second Mon in June)
  • Cup Match Days (cricket; Thurs and Fri preceding initially Mon in Aug)
  • Labour Day (very first Mon in Sept)
  • Christmas Day (Dec 25), and Boxing Day (Dec 26).
  • Public holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday are generally celebrated the following Monday.

Climate Year Average Info for Best Time to Visit Bermuda

bermuda july weather

So, have you decided what best time to visit Bermuda for your trip?

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