Best Time to Visit Acadia National Park – Pros and Cons

Best Time to Visit Acadia National Park – The best time to visit Acadia National Park is September through early October, after the summer crowds have actually left however before the temperature levels drop listed below freezing.

Visiting in March, April and May can be soggy -fog and rain are common- so you’ll need to pack your waterproof equipment. The weather condition is pleasant come July and August, but it’s without a doubt the most congested season for the park.

The park does not see lots of visitors in winter, but it’s the best time to visit for the devoted experience traveler all set to brave the freezing temperature levels.

Acadia National Park is a certainly an exceptional year-round location. Nevertheless, the very best time with enjoyable weather condition and less crowds is from early September (after Labor Day) until mid-September. Read our complete introduction for each season:

Best Time to Visit Acadia National Park by Months

Best Time to Visit Acadia National Park in March – May

Although the snow has melted, the early spring is still thought about the off-season. The majority of park facilities run limited hours up until mid-April, if they’re open at all. But the crowds are thin and as long as you don’t mind foggy early mornings, mud and temperatures that range from the mid-20s to mid-50s, a springtime visit can be worthwhile.


  • National Park Week (April).
  • National Junior Ranger Day (April).

Best Time to Visit Acadia National Park in June – August

With moderate temperature levels ranging from the 50s to the high 70s, the summer is an enjoyable time to visit, so naturally there’s a traveler increase. Remember that Park Loop Road can get congested pretty easily and last-minute lodgings are tough to discover. Do yourself a favor and book your campground the previous winter. And make certain to load your sweater, as Canadian Arctic winds keep even the summer nights cold.


  • Acadia Birding Celebration (June).
  • Bar Harbor Music Festival (June-July).
  • Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festival (August-September).

Best Time to Visit Acadia National Park in September – October

The summer crowds distribute as the high average temperatures drop to the cold 40s and 50s, but the absence of crowds makes a fall visit even more enjoyable. The prime-time television remains in October when leaf-peeping season starts; the colors make the attractive vistas that much more dramatic. But reasonable caution: some off park organisations in Bar Harbor close up shop for the off-season after the Columbus Day weekend.


  • Acadia Night Sky Festival (September).
  • Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festival (August-September).

Best Time to Visit Acadia National Park in November – February

Acadia’s below-freezing winter seasons are not for everybody. Dining and accommodations can be hard to come by as a lot of restaurants and mid-range hotels in Bar Harbor are closed for the off-season. Starting in December, the park likewise switches to its winter hours, closing down significant hiking trails and areas of the Park Loop Road.

However if you’re a winter season sports enthusiast, you remain in for a reward; the carriage roads are still kept open for a few of the most attractive cross-country skiing in the nation.

Best Time to Visit Acadia National Park by Seasons

Best Time to Visit Acadia National Park: Spring

Spring (aka Mud Season) absolutely has its advantages and disadvantages. Melting ice and snow keep things soaked in April and May, however by late spring the island has actually frequently dried and temperature levels can be magnificent.

Spring is also bug season. Biting bugs are most active in between mid-May and mid-June when running water offers maximum breeding conditions. However bug numbers depend substantially on how rainy it has been. Spring is likewise when local companies come out of their long winter season hibernation.

Hotels and stores start opening in late April, and by Memorial Day most of the island is open for organisation. But the peak tourist season doesn’t formally kick into high gear till the 4th of July, at which point everything is open for service.

Best Time to Visit Acadia National Park: Summer

Bright summertime days bring best temperatures to Acadia National Park: high 70s with a cool ocean breeze. However summertime can likewise bring thick fog that blankets the island for hours, or sometimes days.

Warm or not, July is when things get hectic on Mount Desert Island -scheduled hotels, waiting lists at dining establishments, crowded parking lots. (This is all relative, naturally. By Maine standards it’s crazy, however New Yorkers will probably appreciate the solitude.)

August is even busier than July, with families aiming to cram in one last vacation before school starts, and Mainers aiming to enjoy one last blast of summertime heat prior to fall. Then, just when things seem like they cannot get any crazier, Labor Day hits and peak season ends with a bang.

Best Time to Visit Acadia National Park in: Fall

Fall is among the very best times to visit Acadia National Park The weather condition is crisp, the crowds are light, and the foliage is spectacular. Weather in early September is normally magnificent, however temperature levels begin coming by the end of the month.

Fall is likewise the busiest season for cruise ships, which dock in Bar Harbor and disgorge thousands of passengers onto the town’s narrow streets. Still, there’s constantly a significant lull in visitation in mid-September between peak summertime season and “leaf peeping” season.

Fall foliage usually peaks in between October 13-22, but the dates differ from year to year. (Have a look at for present conditions.) By late October, temperature levels begin dropping, tourists begin leaving en masse, and locals start hunching down. By early November, many storefront windows in Bar Harbor are covered in plywood, and the island enters into hibernation for the winter.

Best Time to Visit Acadia National Park: Winter

Winter is a cold, desolate season in Acadia National Park. New England has some of the longest and most relentless winters in the United States, and though the ocean warms things up a bit on the coast, that’s not stating much.

The average snowfall on Mount Desert Island is 61 inches, but the snow that falls typically melts quickly, so it’s of little usage for winter season sports. When the snow does stick, Acadia National Park’s carriage roadways are terrific for cross nation snowboarding, and the Park Loop Roadway is great for snowmobiling.

However many hotels, restaurants, museums, and other destinations are closed for the season. There are, however, a couple of sturdy dining establishments and hotels that stay open in December, January and February.

Pros and Cons

Whatever has its trade-offs. Whether it’s love, property, or the very best time to visit Acadia National Park, it’s all a matter of matching benefits to your individual requirements and prioritizing them in order to decide. Here’s a wrap-up of the pros and cons of crucial months to help you choose when is the very best time to visit for you.


42-65 degrees

Visitors who rave about May as the very best time to visit Acadia National Park include a lot of locals who proclaim the cooler weather for treking, the wonderful trout fishing, and the bird enjoying. The camping sites are open. However black flies sometimes called Maines state bird provide a risk in May, although their presence in Acadia is moderated by higher altitudes and breezes.


51-74 degrees

Mount Desert Island still feels very quiet and relaxed in June, although school is out. A crucial plus, specifically for families, is that the Park’s ranger-led programs have actually started. (They are among the factors Acadia is such a popular getaway for kids.) A lot of shops and restaurants are open. Traffic is light. However, visitors don’t get the advantage of the totally free Island Explorer bus till completion of the month.


57-80 degrees

The season is in full speed by July. In addition to stores and restaurants, you’ll also find unique locations like Beech Hill Farm now open. Inning accordance with National Park Service stats, over the last few years August had nearly 20 percent more visitors than July. July’s typical high is also slighter warmer than August’s. For these factors you might find July the very best time to visit Acadia National Park, especially with kids.


56-78 degrees

The wild blueberries are in season, and practically everything else is sublime in Acadia National Park. Getting from here to there may present aggravations, though, so to prevent the crowds and traffic, you may wish to focus your visit on the western part of Mount Desert Island called the quiet side. With a little research, it’s possible to find parts of the park where you can delight in sensational stillness.


48-69 degrees

A Bar Harbor local specialist determines the 2nd week of September as the best time to visit Acadia National Park since the families with kids have gone home and the fall foliage crowd has actually not yet gotten here. The weather is gorgeous for hiking, biking, and kayaking. And chefs who prefer great regional fruit and vegetables still have wonderful things with which to develop.


38-58 degrees

Although each year is different, the peak fall foliage in Acadia is generally in mid-October. It’s a good time to be outdoors, specifically when the thermometer surprises everyone with temperatures in the 70’s. Much closes down after Columbus Day, though, and often in the past, so a little additional preparation is certainly recommended. Dining establishments that are still open may cut down on their days or be scheduled.

Why May is The Best Time to Visit Acadia National Park

And now let me tell you the marvelous need to visit Acadia National Park in May: it lets you reverse the clock.

Being here in Maine constantly lets you turn back the clock. The rate is more “typical.” People seem less ready to sell their souls for the almighty buck, as my papa would say. They even close the stores at 5pm on Sundays during a holiday weekend.

But the genuine reason for anyone from New york city or Boston or Philadelphia to visit Acadia National Park in May is that you get to experience the early spring we luxuriated in 4 or 5 weeks ago … again. The lilac. The apple blooms. Maybe even a glimpse of forsythia.

Leaves are still in that about-to-spring minute. The mountains are deep spruce combined with that giddy lime-yellow green that just implies spring. And there are flowers, like the rhodora, we never saw throughout New york city City’s spring. Come to Acadia National Park in May and take pleasure in spring twice in the exact same year.

You’ll discover many areas of the park blissfully peaceful if you stay the week after Memorial Day. Organize your hikes to prevent the crowds. We made the mistake of doing Gorham Mountain on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and were punished with needing to pay attention to the discussions of other hikers.

So, on Monday we took off to the “quiet side” of the island and hiked the Western Ledge Path up Bernard Mountain and found an incredible waterfall and pool when we boiled down Sluiceway. (We heard something louder and steadier than the wind in the trees off to the east.

We went off trail and made this wonderful discovery.) When visitors returned to deal with Tuesday, we hiked the Gorge Path approximately Dorr, crossed east to Cadillac, and boiled down the Cadillac North Ridge Trail to where we had actually left our bikes, which we then rode back to the parking area at the Gorge trailhead.

We saw a porcupine at the top of Cadillac, which never would have been “out” in July or August. We ‘d never climb up Cadillac then either.

I keep in mind organisations in the Hamptons being quite increase for Memorial Day. Not so in Acadia National Park. “Pre-season” here suggests that the majority of the antique stores in Bernard were closed the short week after Labor Day.

Just 2 dining establishments in Southwest Harbor were open on Monday night. Two times throughout the week restaurants we aspired to go to were closed for personal celebrations.

So, if you want to be available in May or June to make the most of Acadia’s peaceful time, I suggest leasing a house so that you can prepare in your home a couple of nights and then prepare your nights-out closer to the weekend, when they are more likely to be open. And the very best news is: Thurston’s Lobster Pound is open!

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