10+ Bedroom Interior Design Trends for THIS YEAR!

BEDROOM INTERIOR – Year of 2018 is approaching, and you may be curious about what design trends that will be popular. If you love fresh designs for your house, these bedroom interior design ideas will make your home ready for the New Year. Here are 14 trends for the bedroom that will get popular next year.

1. Large glass panel windows

Large Glass Panel Windows – Sapeople.com

Glass panel windows are so standard, but large panels that almost look like walls are likely to make a comeback in 2018. These panels are great for the small room; they make the room feel spacious, and there is enough natural light to reduce your electricity bill. Installing sheer curtain will give enough privacy without making you feel “trapped.”

2. Asian-influenced décor

Asian-Influenced Décor – Hooperproject.com

Asian influence, such as Chinese, Japanese, or Indian style, will make your bedroom unique. Vibrant colors, flowers, elephants, and gold or silver ornaments are the most popular design elements India offer. Japanese style often uses minimalistic tone, earth colors, and a lot of wood or bamboo elements. Chinese style is vibrant and elegant at the same time.

You can insert Asian design elements sparingly, especially if you love the humble look. Japanese koi and bamboo, Chinese dark wood and floral accents, or Indian fractals can be used as ornaments, decorations or patterns. You can also add Japanese lamps, Chinese-style wardrobe, or Indian bed cover to your room.

3. Accented walls and ceiling

Accented Walls And Ceiling – Pinterest

Walls and ceiling are getting more attention in modern bedroom design trends. Many people spread the elements of their wall arts to the ceiling or having wall textures that extend to it. Painting the ceiling by wall colors is also favorite because it creates more cohesive visual in a room.

4. Vintage love nest

Vintage Love Nest – Pinterest

If you and your loved one are fond of bright, quirky design, old love nest can be your option. Going back to the 70’s and 80 never get old, even in 2017. Use textured walls, colorful prints on the headboard, quilted blanket, and floral upholstery to recreate colorful vintage chic.

To accentuate the room’s status as a love nest, you can add love seats or two single sofas that face a chic table. Choose solid but bright colors such as yellow, orange, or red to complement the vintage look. Colorful and lively designs for the couple will cheer you up after a hard day.

5. Ergonomic bedroom

Ergonomic bedroom – Lookyna.com

Space is one of the most significant problems we will still face in the future, especially in urban areas. The ergonomic bedroom is a practical solution if you have limited space. You can achieve it through several ways, depending on the design. Built-in wall shelves, furniture with extra storage, or drop-front desk that will not eat up space, are just a few popular options.

6. Fusion-style bedroom

Ergonomic bedroom – Lookyna.com

Cannot decide between traditional and modern styles? Pick both of them to create an eclectic, fusion-style bedroom. A combination of geometric designs, floral prints, neutral background colors, minimalistic style, and retro-style furniture designs will create a unique look without sacrificing comfort.

7. Earth in the bedroom

Earth In The Bedroom – Decoholic

Earth elements are still prevalent in modern designs, especially with the rising trend of green living. You can achieve it by using earth colors in the bedroom, installing skylight or large glass panel windows to maximize natural light, and choosing nature-related accessories or decorations.

You can have potted plants in several spots to brighten the room and clean the air. Succulent plants are easy to care, and some species (such as snake plants and peace lilies) can improve the air quality.

8. Bedroom with unique headboard

Bedroom With Unique Headboard – Freshome.com

The headboard is usually treated as a minor element in a bedroom. However, the rising trend in bedroom design is to install (or create) exceptional headboard as the focal point in the room. There are now many unique headboard sets in the online market, such as a 3D-pattern headboard, vintage headboard with printed patterns, carved headboard, canopied headboard, and much more.

9. Concrete walls, colorful accents

Concrete Walls, Colorful Accents – Top Inspired

Combining rough style with vivid colors is another rising trend that will last to next years. Many people start using bare concrete as their walls but, decorating the room with vibrant colors, such as on the bed cover, blankets, wall artworks, furniture, or floor rugs. You can also order customized concrete walls to create a neater look, but still rustic.

10. Industrial-style bedroom

Industrial-style Bedroom – One Kindesign

The word “industrial” and “bedroom” usually do not go together, but this interesting trend will make your bedroom unusually beautiful. Use exposed brick walls, metal furniture, and colors such as grey, soft brown, black, and bronze as dominant shades. Adding metal lamp fixtures will add the unique touch without losing functionality.

11. Pop arts over white walls

Pop Arts Over White Walls – Pinterest

Combining white with bright colors is not something new, but what if all the colors come from pop arts? Leave your bedroom walls white and your floor bare, with minimum colors for furniture and bed. Then, attach framed pop arts on your walls, and add brightly-colored pillows to the bed or sofa. The colors will pop thanks to the white background, and you get a bedroom you can feel proud of.

12. White over wood

White Over Wood – Time4sleep.co.uk

Another favorite design combines white with wooden elements, just like the clean designs from Italy in the mid 20th century. You keep the white elements on your walls, bed, and upholstery, and keep the design simple. However, the wooden parts are involved as the floor, headboard, some furniture elements, and bookshelves.

13. Carefully-arranged “mess”

Carefully-arranged “Mess” – Linkedln

“Adorably messy” is a quirky but popular trend that many people love to flaunt. Unlike a real mess, people arrange their stuff to create asymmetrical, uncompromising visual. For example, they may organize a stack of books in a little untidy way, or surround their bed with book stacks on strategic spots.

Arranging different pillows on the right and left sides of the bed, and putting asymmetrical bedside lamps on both sides, are other easy ways to create an artful mess look.

14. Grey tone with popping colors

Grey Tone With Popping Colors – Decorpad.com

Purposely using grey tone to make bright colors pop is a great visual for a bedroom. Use all-grey shades to design your room (even the bed and upholstery). After creating this grey background, start adding colorful “splashes,” such as green indoor plant, red pillows, or one artwork on the strategic spot on the wall.

These bedroom interior design ideas are not expensive and will stay popular even in 2018 and beyond.

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