25+ Accent Wall Ideas You’ll Surely Wish to Try This at Home!

Art Nouveau Floral Damask Pattern

Wall Accent Ideas – I Want Wallpaper

Foliate damask pattern wall accent ideas are versatile; they match any room purpose be it a living room, a master bedroom, even kid’s bedroom. When you think the damask pattern is boring, people are now combining it using floral illustration, some leaf-like wall motifs with a colorful shade of their favorite.

Try to paint your wall in electric yellow, combine using red flower petals and green curving stems all over the space. The mixture of colors should be balanced in order to make it appealing.

Wallpaper Suits Multipurpose Covering

Wall Accent Ideas – Project Nursery

When the painting is a daunting task, wallpaper covering offers higher flexibility to meet your need for wall accent ideas. The trend of wallpaper is getting better, and people are literally got confused on which to choose, because there is an easy way to decide on a single wallpaper.

The patterns are abundant, ranging from a floral pattern, geometric, lines, faux bois, quatrefoil, and more. If that’s the case, you can choose based on your favorite; what are your favorite color, best-liked pattern, and match with your room size. Go for a bold pattern if the space is large with a pop-up color to make a statement.

Play with Watercolor for A Fun Ride

Wall Accent Ideas – Youtube

For those with an artistic soul, playing with watercolor wall accent ideas is the best deal of making the room imaginatively sublime. It’s kind of a new trend, where you can blend any color; it looks like people are throwing a basket of paint and spread it all over the wall – but the result is very cool.

The good thing is, the end flow is very unique since you design and create it yourself. Although paying an interior designer to make it is easier, but you can have the ultimate DIY project only by using paint and a brush. Use different color combinations to make it more interesting.

Tapestry Gives a Vibe of Vintage Feeling

Wall Accent Ideas – Ebay

It’s uncommon but actually not weird. Using textile to cover the back or your room is pretty interesting, and you can always add an extra touch to complement the overall design.  One good thing about using tapestry is that it is versatile and flexible, as well as temporary; so you can change the look once the old one bores you.

The most common idea is to get a vintage-look tapestry; with just some tacks, you’ll get the room well-decorated.

Raw Materials Wall accent ideas

Wall Accent Ideas – Photo.hgtv.com

You don’t have to get the room painted in a complete manner in order to make it looks aesthetically pleasing. The use of raw materials such as wood, brick, and stone is trending nowadays, thanks to the high versatility of the design. You can use reclaimed wood to improve an old-school feeling, or stone for the living room.

The raw materials are suitable for any room, be it a bedroom, a dining room, a kitchen, even a studio.

Digital Pattern for Unique Textures

Wall Accent Ideas – Visoft 360.com

When everything is so sophisticated now, why not go for computerized wall accent ideas? Digital pattern can create distinctive looks in the overall room decoration. People opt for computer-generated elements for easier application such as the pixelated, fractal shapes, even algorithmic pattern.

Create a Photo Gallery in The Hallway

Wall Accent Ideas – Pinterest

A wall gallery in your house is giving a warm feeling, modern, and simple. People often use their favorite photos, but you can also make a work of art gallery, some painting, or other displayable visual attraction.

Simply paint your wall in white, use black frames in different size and shape to create a balanced look. Remember to double check the space and measure its size before nailing anything.

Gradation of Blue for a Softer Mood

Wall Accent Ideas – HGTV.com

Everyone knows the definition / meaning of the blue color to have a healing quality; it’s soft, cool, and soothing. For a small living room, incorporating gradation of blue in wall accent ideas is perfect; add a large mirror with windows to create an optical illusion of a larger space.

Try to paint the wall with bold blue color on one side, all along the way with softer hues for the gradation. Utilizing this paint pattern can make the room looks sophisticated and ethereal effect.

Chevron Pattern Wall accent ideas

Wall Accent Ideas – Staatsanco.com

One good thing about incorporating chevron pattern for your wall accent ideas is that the design is fashionable. Once known as the symbol of the military, peoples can create an interesting wall accent using chevron, by using different paint pattern.

By that, I mean you can draw the zigzags in a stripe layout, part every section into two, and paint it with different colors; the left side is in red, the right side is painted in magenta – or use any color you like.

Stripes Creates an optical Illusion for A Smaller or Larger Room

Wall Accent Ideas – Dormify

The psychological reason behind using stripes in wall accent ideas is whether to make the room appears larger or smaller. The basic rules are simple; if you have a low ceiling room, use vertical; the horizontal stripes are more suitable for a larger room.

Some useful tips to create interesting stripe wall accent ideas are measuring the space and use the right color palette. Diagonal and zigzag lines can also add an extra energy and vibe to the room.

Accent Wall Ideas and Inspirations – Walls are functional parts of our office or home, but they can likewise aid with the aesthetics of the area.

If you have a particular architectural detail you want to underline, if you have a room or area that is method too big in your opinion, or if you think a room is too dull, you can quickly alter its whole appearance with the aid of a wall.

You have no idea how to do this? Keep reading due to the fact that you are about to get no less than 20 amazing accent wall ideas that will help you with this house improvement job.

Still, do attempt to reconcile it and delight in the process, choosing which of these ideas would work best in your case. After all, the wall accents you choose ought to fit the style and overall look of your home or office.

To get you prepared for this new task, here are 5 simple steps for setting up an accent wall in no time at all, before we actually get to speak about the ideas mentioned previously.

There are simple and inexpensive ways of revamping a space, with the assistance of a wall, which can be one quick and have a magnificent outcome. For example, for some additional drama, your feature wall ought to have a contrasting color.

If you have a fireplace, for example, the accent wall you develop around it will make the audience concentrate on the fireplace instantly.

To be sure that these 5 steps will deliver high-quality results, we talked with the agents of various business that perform wall painting tasks, so we might get the advice and opinion.

So, here is exactly what we got in the end.

Darker colors for a bit of drama

accent wall paint ideas

Dark colors are great for contrasting with a room that has light colors all around it. If you truly want to develop a dramatic impact and a noticeable outcome, be strong and opt for navy blue, charcoal grey, and, if you have the guts, even pure black.

The color does not have to cover the entire wall, because simply a couple of accents is all you have to increase focus over one specific element of the room.

Inning accordance with Sophie Bergeron, a design and color specialist at Benjamin Moore, it is advised to opt for a darker color, to add drama accents, when we select the color of a space.

The very same expert states that blue and black work excellent together on the walls of a room, including both drama and the feeling or airiness.

Color blocking can also represent a fantastic option

accent wall panels

You’re not too happy about solid colors on your walls? Then it does not have to be in this manner. Including colored stripes or graphic shapes can also improve the appearance of a room.

Bev Bell, a Beauti-Tone expert in colors, stated that if in a room, soft color hues alternate with dynamic pop colors, the effect is unbelievable.

The accent wall will generate drama however also harmony, in a mix that is interesting and pleasant also.

Go for customized wallpapers

accent wall rules

What cannot be customized nowadays? If you cannot discover wallpaper on the marketplace that satisfies your requirements and choices, you might easily find a wallpaper manufacturing business that can produce wallpaper just for you.

You can collaborate with the professionals of the company to add colors and patterns as you like, making certain that the wallpaper will fit the rest of the walls in the space.

Sarah Cole, the Director of Farrow & Ball, a business that makes individualized wallpapers, stated that the appearance of wall accents allowed individuals to take pleasure in the existence of wallpapers without the need to cover all the walls of the space in this manner.

In this manner, a space can be quickly personalized according to the style and personality of the owner.

An accent wall can highlight the character of your living space

accent wall tile

The spaces that might utilize the benefits of including accent colors are the multifunctional spaces, in specific. Everybody likes open spaces, however they might offer you the sensation that the entire home is one entire thing.

By developing wall accents occasionally, prefer to specify the location where your office is or where the bedroom is. You can create different results depending on the color mixes you utilize.

Suddenly, the space gets a specific personality, making you think of an exotic getaway, an escape at a cabin up in the mountains, or whatever feeling you wish to recreate.

Spaces in black and white could use a pop accent


Black and white areas are stylish, but you would value the existence of a pop color contrasting with the sober surroundings. A color splash in such a space will instantly revitalize its look and provide it a modern-day look.

You can choose the color according to the method the space is embellished or inning accordance with your personality and preferences. The best options would remain in the warm colors spectrum, starting with yellow, orange, and so on.

Thinking about that you already have the essentials of exactly what it indicates to create wall accents in the spaces where you live and work, let us carry on to those 20 accent wall ideas that will assist you redesign your area.

1. Accent wall ideas by adding a world map

accent wall

World maps are excellent as wall accents in every scenario. They can fit any type of room, particularly the living room or your office.

If you feel generous sufficient to choose an entire wall covered with a world map, the effect will be much more spectacular.

2. Darker accents wall ideas in a lighter room

accent wall ideas

It holds true that light rooms, decorated with light colors all over, make the area appearance wider. But, a wall accent with dark colors will not diminish the space, however make it more mature and creative.

3. An accent wall ideas that located across the room

accent wall colors

The best method to make a space appear inviting and warm is to select the wall that is furthest far from the entryway and transform it into an accent wall.

It doesn’t matter exactly what accents you will add to it, because the effect will be the very same, making people wish to come better.

4. Accent wall around the headboard of your bedroom

accent wallpaper

You can’t have a bedroom without a headboard, since it comes along with the bed. Still, no one considers about making this wall as an accent wall.

So, why don’t you use this extra area to provide your bedroom a bit of personality?

5. Opt for wood pallets

accent wall bedroom

Who would have thought that wood pallets could be terrific for making accent walls?

If you wish to bring a rustic air to your home, this is the best choice that will cost you little.

6. A chalkboard as an accent wall

accent wall living room

Would not you like a location in the space where everyone could get creative? If so, thinking about covering a wall with a blackboard.

It can be used for hanging the cherished images of the household or as an area for different art works made with chalk.

7. The stone wall

accent wall colours

If you want something traditional, something that produces an incredible impact without the risk of going in the incorrect instructions, you need to select a wall embellished in stone.

There’s no chance to do this incorrect and it will alter the way a space looks in a way you ‘d never imagined.

8. Accent walls ideas with geometric shapes

accent wall in living room

Geometric shapes are a contemporary way of improving the look of a space. It is the type of improvement that can be carried out in any space around your home, likewise being a terrific prospect for Do It Yourself projects.

9. Faux-wallpaper that you can do

accent wall color combinations

It is fantastic the outcomes you can manage using a stencil and a combination of elements constructed of paint that is high-gloss and flat.

In this manner, you can attain fantastic a faux-wallpaper effect that will embellish your wall in a subtle manner.

10. Make your own accent wallpaper

accent wall designs

Believe it or not, there are methods to create the wanted wallpaper at home. It is more affordable and you have the chance to make it as you please, if you do not mind the work that comes along, obviously.

11. An accent wall ideas with a central piece

accent wall in bedroom

If you have something on a wall that is worthy of to become the main piece of the room, like a fireplace.

You can use information like a various wall color, a spot of wallpaper, stone, or anything else contributed to that wall to attract all the attention of that particular piece and make it the star of the room.

12. Accent wallpapered walls

accent wall wood

This is most likely among the simplest ways to develop an accent wall. If you utilize providing pieces in the very same color with the wallpaper, the visual effect will be even higher.

13. Accent wall ideas near your staircase

accent wall wallpaper

The wall that supports a staircase is the highest, which typically makes it the last on the list for embellishing.

Still, it suffices to use a various color for this wall and you’ll be finished with it in no time, not to discuss the great result it will have.

14. A mural scene on your wall

accent wall decor

Murals are terrific when it pertains to wall accents, there’s no doubt about it, so if you choose this option you will wind up caring your home a bit more.

Simply opt for an image that makes your senses vibrate each time you take a look at it.

15. Accent wall ideas with stripped wood

accent wall color ideas

For this, all you require are some pine boards that will cover a wall. Even if it is rather simple to set them up, you will have to use wood lacquer to give them a little color and shine, and to keep them secured.

16. The magic of bookshelves for accent wall ideas

accent wall paint

You can easily make an accent wall with the assistance of a bookshelf. To include a little contrast, use a different color for painting the back wall, without doing anything to the shelves themselves.

17. Accent wall ideas covered in art

accent wall in bathroom

If you do not wish to paint a wall, you can leave it as it is and just add art pieces on it to turn the wall into the accent wall of the room. Yes, it can be this simple.

18. Accent wall covered in fabric

accent wall for living room

This is another fantastic idea that can quickly turn into a Do It Yourself job. You can utilize material pretty much in the exact same method you use wallpaper to cover a wall.

So be creative and set off the wanted effect inside a room.

19. A wall stripped with grasscloth

accent wall in kitchen

You aren’t too much into rustic accents but you like the idea of having 3D stripes on your walls?

For this, you can use grasscloth wrapped on boards and mounted horizontally on your wall.

20. Use the ceiling to bring accents

accent wall mirrors

Using the ceiling to bring decorative accents into the space is a great idea, specifically in the spaces where there are numerous widows and you can’t create an accent wall, since you do not have any.

If you take this approach, though, commit to it. Go big with your display screen– floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Make it an actual accent wall. Have a good time with this? SHARE!

*All image source by: homedit.com

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