Is cottage cheese gluten free?

Is cottage cheese gluten free?

Basically, the cottage cheese is comprised of three things. The first milk, and then the other thing is any which can curdle the milk. It may be vinegar or lemon juice). The last component of cheese is the salt. You just have to make sure that you are using gluten free vinegar to make gluten free cheese.
Beside the fact that cottage cheese is made up of three above mentioned components, but the cottage cheese, which is usually available in the market contain more than that. The additional things also include gluten.
This post will tell you that how to figure out whether the cottage cheese is gluten free or not. As the gluten is injurious to health who are suffering from celiac diseases. Gluten is also not advisable for people who have gluten sensitivity problem.

The product foods which are produced by manufactures do have gluten. So the chances of contamination of those foods are foreseeable. This information is very handy for those who want to avoid gluten containing food.
Following food brands are easily available in The United States. All the products which are mentioned here are gluten free products.

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Gluten Free Axelrod Foods

The Axelrod is a manufacturing company which makes different varieties of cottage cheese.
1. Large Curd
2. Small Curd
3. Whipped
4. Low fat
5. Nonfat
6. Salt free
7. Pineapple flavor

According to the representative of Axelrod Foods, non of the above mentioned foods, cottage cheese foods is gluten free as their level is even less than 20 part/million. Axerlord food makes all their food products in a gluten free facility. Axerlord company is also a proud manufacturer of sour cream and yogurt.
Breakstone- Kraft Foods. Breakstone is another manufacturer which makes a vast category of cottage cheese. Breakstone makes large curd, small curd. It also produces fruit topped cottage cheese. Breakstone is the branch of Kraft Foods. It is the company which has strong business ethics as it disclosed all products in which gluten is used. However, they don’t guarantee for other foods wherein they say that there isn’t any gluten involved in making cottage cheese products.

Cabot Creamery

Cabot is another manufacturer which claims that it makes regular and nonfat cottage cheese. Cabot offers many sizes of these cottage cheese. Cabot is the largest gluten free products maker. The goodwill of Cabot Cermery is good among its customers. The customers of Cabot Creamery are very much loyal to Cabot products. I haven’t heard anybody saying that they have any type of complaint with Cabot Creamery as the level of gluten is very much lower.

The Crowley Foods

The Crowley is another company which produces different varieties of cottage cheese. The Crowley Foods also make non salt and pineapple cottage cheese. These Crowledy food cheese, includes corn starch. However, The Crowley Foods is also a sister company of Axelrod. As this company is also part of Axelrod, so the standards are same and the level of gluten is kept at minimum.

The Daisy Brand

The cottage cheese produced by Daisy Brand is comprised of three elements:
1) Cultured Skim Milk
2) Cream
3) Salt
The Daisy Brand also produced low cottage cheese in which Vitamin A is additional ingredient. It is also a company which makes gluten free products. This company is also known for producing milk which is free of artificial means of producing milk.

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Its another company which produces gluten free products. Darigold is also known for producing full flat, fat free and low fat versions of cottage cheese. All the mentioned varieties of products are claimed to be gluten free. Just like Daisy Brand, Darigold also uses pure milk for production of cottage cheese that is free of Gluten.

The Horizon Organic

The Horizon Organic is the largest company in the United States, which produces Organic Milk. It also proudly manufactures two types of Organic Cottage cheese. These are regular cottage cheese and low fat cottage cheese. The Horizon Organic company claims that it produces products that are free of wheat, oats, malt and wheat gluten.