During summer days, the idea to roast potatoes seems quite awkward because in summer nobody wants to remain in contact with oven for a long time. However, the foods that are normally prepared in summer are worth the pain. Foods such as Caponata, Pesto, fresh tomato sauce makes a great combination when it comes to make Potato gluten free gnocchi. The taste is so good that you won’t regret to have worked for an hour or so to get your delicious dish get ready. It takes time, but it is worth your time.

The best procedure to make gluten free gnocchi is to break the procedure into two steps. The first should be to make gnocchi and then in the second step you should go for freezing it. I guarantee that you will like the gnocchi that you have made with a tough labor. After that you have frozen it, the next step is just to boil up the gnocchi and then top it with your favorite sauce. And enjoy it with your family.

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Potatoes are the key

In order to make gnocchi together, you will need potatoes, which are starchy, to achieve the desired shape of gnocchi. We will have to avoid wheat flour because it has gluten and that’s what we don’t want to eat.

There are many reasons for avoiding gluten and then number one is allergic. There are many people who have allergy with different kinds of food and fruits and that’s why they have to avoid gluten ingredients and food so that no allergic attack may come to the individual.

Now back to gnocchi preparation, always be sure that you are using Russetts potato for making this recipe.

Another thing that you must consider for holding gnocchi together is that you must bake your potatoes instead of boiling. The baked potatoes are in a better position to give you a great potato flavor. Because, as they are baked they do not absorb any amount of water during the cooking process.

For the purpose of testing, you will need gluten free flour for making different batches of gluten free gnocchi. The quantity of gluten free flour should be one and half cups. If you will boil instead of baked potatoes, then you will need higher quantities of gluten free floor i.e. two and a half cups. Besides that, your gnocchi won’t be that tasty too. It will taste like you are eating gum.

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The Flour for making Gluten Free Gnocchi

The next ingredient which is necessary is flour. As your potatoes were already rich and starchy along with being roasted, you don not need to have a highly sophisticated gluten free flour to add it to this recipe. All you need is some white rice flour along with sweet rice flours. That’s all. Please note that you should not omit sweet rice flour as it the secret of gnocchi taste. Keep in mind that if you will only use white flour, then your gnocchi will be softer than you need. Made with only white rice flour, the gnocchi were too soft. However, the quantity of sweet rice flour that you need for this recipe is just half cup. After you are done with roasting your potatoes , along with whisking them with flour, now you are almost finished with cooking. Now, it’s time to just shape them.