Gluten free strawberry shortcake

Gluten free strawberry shortcake

Strawberry cake is one of the delicious cakes. You can either make it for your own self or you can also choose to make strawberry shortcake for a party that you are going to give to your friends.

The recipe of making Strawberry Shortcake is very easy and takes a very little time. If you are going to see some guests all of a sudden, then still don’t worry. You can make it in half an hour.
The ingredients, which are needed for this Shortcake are easily available. You don’t need anything which is rare in the kitchen. You also don’t need expertise to make it as the recipe is very easy and quick in making.
If you are trying to give a surprise to your wife, then secretly, try this strawberry desert and present it to her. She will really appreciate your effort.

In order make gluten free strawberry you will need the following items.

1. 4 cups of Strawberries. Cut them into slices.
2. Half Cup of Sugar
3. ½ Cups of Bisquick – Gluten Free Mix
4. 1/3 cups of butter. You can also use Margarine
5. ¾ cups of milk
6. 3 beaten eggs
7. Half teaspoon of vanilla
8. ¾ cups of whipping cream.

cake with berries and cream


Take one small bowl and mix strawberries along with of ¼ cup of sugar that you should set aside for now.
Now it’s time to heat up oven at the level of 425°. Till the oven is heating up, you should grease up the cookie sheet.
After that you will combine Bisquick mixture and the ¼ cup of sugar that you have kept aside in the medium bowl. After that, you will cut butter with pastry fork or blender.
In that mix, you will stir the milk up. You will also add eggs and vanilla too. Then you will drop 6 spoonfuls onto the cookie sheet.
After that you have done all that, now it’s time to bake it for almost 10 minutes. Another indication is that shortcake will turn in golden brown color.
When your Strawberry Shortcake is ready, then leave it for cooling down. This should take only 5 minutes.
When your cake cools down, then you can split it with the help of serrated knife.
In the end you will fill the strawberries and with whipped cream.

desert with strawberries