Gluten free flatbread

Gluten free flatbread

Which food is your favorite? This one question is the one which asked by most of the people. And the answer is that every person has different liking when it comes about food. There are some people who like only bread, some like flatbread and there are some who are sweet lovers. However, I am the person who always veered for the sugar. To be honest, I am not that fan of flatbread, but still, when you are following a strict diet plan, then pizza and sandwich is not an appropriate option for you. Those people who have food allergies are asked to have a grain-free diet .
However, to have a grain-free diet is also not a problem for me. I can live with it. But, again to be honest, there are times when I want to award myself with some Pizza or sometimes a slice of bread for my lunch. Thanks, to diversity in food making, there are so many procedures by which you can make grain-free breads. Now you must be wondering that how they would be in the taste? Don’t worry! The taste of grain free flatbread is as yummy as the normal ones. Flatbread bread is not only healthy for your general health, but it can very well replaced ordinary brain as well. You won’t feel like you are missing something in your life.
This post is dedicated for letting you learn a flatbread gluten free bread. It is also for people who want to learn that how to make nut free breads. As you know that nuts are harder to digest for our stomach, therefore those people who have digestive problem can switch over to gluten free flatbread.

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The procedure for making gluten free flatbread is quite simple and very less time consuming. You just need five ingredients to make it eatable. Instead of using wheat flour, you can use flour of potato and starch of Tapioca. As the result, the output that you get is very cool indeed. Its very sturdy, soft and really doesn’t feel heavy on your stomach.
Next time, try this recipe when you are looking for eating pizza or anything with which you want to fill your belly and taste in the mouth. You can eat flatbread alone or you can also dip it. Both ways, it’s just sound great. The level of spice is dependent on your taste. You may either add super spice or can keep it low. It’s all depends upon your taste.


• Potato Floor – Half cup
• Tapioca Starch- Half Cup
• Coconut Milk – One Cup {Full Flat}
• One Egg
• 1/4 tablespoon of salt

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Directions for making Gluten fre flatbread

1. The first step is to heatup the oven up to 350 degrees.
2. Put together all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them up.
3. Keep mixing it till the mixture turns out to be a bit thick. After it, it’s time to use a baking sheet, spread it, on a sheet line along with parchment paper.
4. If your hands are too dry then you will need to wet them. This will help you to spread dough easily.
5. Then you will sprinkle up sea salt or any other seasoning that you may like.
6. You will have to bake if for the period of 30 to 40 minutes. Another indication is you’re your flatbread dough will turn a golden brown.